Streamer Interview - KittenCatNoodle

A "performative introvert", that sounds like me.
Heart of Purity

Awarded 'Silverblade' to Talent Competition Winner 2020.
My collection might be smaller than others but at least I played the game fair and square.
KittenCatNoodle has for some time been one of my #1 POE-related channels on Youtube to watch. She's an outright reference book of the game's legend.
Thanks for showing this amazing person to us!!

I loved POE's lore, read every single bit of text in the game on my first playthrough, but when I reached the Epilogue for the first time and realized I was only (maybe) halfway through all the game's content, I felt pressured to find/create builds I wanted to play that would allow me to enjoy all content I hadn't experienced... but that pressure only got things worse, mixed with all the possibilities, my indecisiveness and innability to buy tabs

I also got annoyed by some lore interactions in the game, like Helena dialogues on Greust (which never made any sense for me), and all these things waned down my motivation to play (in my mind so many different interactions could happen in the game, like buy weapons and armour from Maramoa if you play with a Marauder or if you decide, for example, on doing something else with Victario's stolen busts instead of just giving them to Hargan)

But knowing there is still other people (especially a streamer!) interested in the game's lore I guess the developers will at least make things right to keep this part interesting

KittenCatNoodle, glad to meet you!! I will surely hear the podcasts you linked (altough I'm not the podcast type) and watch your youtube series!
Thank you very much!!

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