Streamer Interview - KittenCatNoodle

Grats on the interview, Noodle!!! <3
Great interview! Looking forward to more amazing content from KittenCatNoodle. 50 to 80 hours to make a single video is scarily amazing!

I hope more people will check out Baited Expectations podcast too. Love the fun and funny conversations between the four. Their laughter gives out lots of positive energy.
PogYou KittenCatNoodle
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This kitten seems cool :D will probably go check out her lore videos.
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Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
How will POE2 and POE coexist?
I enjoy Noodle‘s Lore videos, they are great!

And now I want to see a video with these flame dash totems... X-D
Noodle, who is kalandra?
I've said it before. You guys should hire KCN because I only understand the lore of this game after 10 years because of the lore series. 10 years. And none of the story sunk in until she explained it to me. THink about that.

ANd the interesting about it is that the lore is REALLY GREAT. You're just not conveying the lore in the game though!
Great post!
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I find all the streamer interviews illuminating, but I especially enjoyed this one. I was particularly glad to read KittenCatNoodle's home truths about streaming, which are things I definitely needed to hear. Read. Take your pick.

I'm not normally a podcast listener, but I may have to find some time for Baited Expectations.
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