GGG is Hiring for Eight Roles

Raghin wrote:
Please only apply if you currently reside in New Zealand and are either a New Zealand Citizen or Resident.

You really should invest in remote employment capabilities.

Many interested parties that really can't move.

Yeah, the world seems to be moving quicker than you guys. Remote working is now extremely common, and will continue to be after the Pandemic. To not even consider it feels like you are massively reducing your talent pool.
How much would i love to work on this game. Sadly they don't work with freelancers or remote employees. I woukd even move to NZ but yeah... bs covid. :/
The role compaction on sysadmin+dbadmin is something ive never had to do as db was always left to the db engineers and the system admin and network stuff was left up to us. zabbix is an interesting (aka a bit niche and also my favorite) pick but I guess there is more focus on hw than service monitoring at ggg. rest of the picks are common. the game requirement tho...native linux binaries when?!

gl to whomever fills that role!
Still waiting for the Day you will be hiring Chefs to cook some inspiring Food for your awesome team :)
I'd be very fast to apply...
For all those asking why they don't hire internationally via remote work. They are a relatively small company. Which, hiring internationally means they have to have someone on their staff that knows all relevant labor and operating laws for any country and/or state that they wish to have employees.

As an example, and I'm certain the numbers I'm about the throw around are massively out of the bounds of even remotely correct.

You have an employee in USA, 5 in Germany, and 75 in NZ.

NZ employees are able to work (again probably massively incorrect) 12 hours a day without legal recourse from their governmental labor laws.

German employees only 7.

USA based employee 3.

Now each member of the staff for those 6 people NOT in NZ, have potentially labor law violations if the entire staff of 81 people all work 12 hour days.

Also depending on the state that hypothetical USA based employee is in, there might be different laws about minimum pay scale, requirements of benefits packages for health/vision so forth. And maybe even higher pay scale after X number of hours per day or per week as required by law in some states here. Example: California is min 31,000 USD per year for a 40 hour a week job. And Nebraska min is only 19,000 USD per year for the same 40 hour a week job.

Same goes for the hypothetical Germany based employees in this example.

It's massively easier for them, albeit horribly limiting, to only hire those who live in, or relocating to NZ for the job. And absolves their staff from needing to learn international labor laws, which vary from country to country, and state to state, and in the USA, even potentially county to county (essentially a sub-state within the state for those not familiar with it.)

It's also possible, having not looked too far into international labor laws personally, that for them to have the remote staff in any given country/state that they have to file for some sort of business or operations license in each and every country/state they have employees in. I know for a fact that any business done in California here in the states, California takes home a piece of the pie. Hell they even try to take a piece of the pie for a few years after you leave their state depending on how big your pie was.

Does it suck for those of us internationally that would love to work for them, but are unable to or unwilling to live in NZ. Yes, yes it does. Alas, from a business stand point based on their size, it makes perfect sense to NOT deal with that massive headache.

Also maybe they just want each and every employee to be a contributing member to the place they live as a philosophical point.
rastlin86 wrote:
I don't understand why are you so adamant on local residency.

I've been working remotely in various companies as a software developer, with today's tools there is no excuse to not allow people to work remotely, and is as effective, or sometimes more, then working on site actually.

Especially roles like QA are no brainier for remote work.

I completely agree.
Personally, I have been working from home as a software developer for several years now, which means that you have to give employees trust advance, which not every employer can or wants to do.
For this reason I can understand very well if GGG has already had bad experiences with working remotely employees and therefore needs the local proximity. Otherwise, as you say, there are hardly or no reasons to refuse this.
Maybe this will arrive in New Zealand someday.
Ah and no, I have no interest at all in any of these job offers.
I am more curious as to why BDB is still being used and in what manner. It's finnicky, hard to manage and "tune" so to speak, and a pain in the ass. Is an MDB backend out of the question for any reason? Just a thought from a support engineer that works with databases for a living.
GGG really needs to open a development studio in Europe or the US. NZ is a tiny country and requiring people to either live there already or be willing to move there (pre COVID) is a huge limitation.
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