[3.13] Spectre necro. The tanky HC purity version.syndicate operatives. All gear explained

Hi this is Jauer!

also see my bladeblast cheiftain guide at

this is a small guide for a version of the very meta spectre necro, using Syndicate Operatives.
The build creater is non less then my guild leader Toaster. but i took the liberty to write a few words about the build.

Update 31-1-2021: with the rewamp of AI of syndicate operatives, and with primal crushclaw spectres back in the game, the build is still viable with some minor changes(no spell echo= minion damage support, i will be reroling the build in the near future, the guide have not been rewritten, so to reach the max res you need two extra points into jewel cluster including the 10% effect of purity note

10/11-2020 Updated with videos of delirum final stage and twins boss kill

This build is about stacking defences, while maintaining high enough damage to do all content. i have had anything on farm mode. the build can be put into thies catagorys. this version is 100% Hardcore minded, so every aspect of the build is weighted on being able to SOLO play to 100 in hardcore while doing every possible hard content, without a sweat. So no 99% solutions or shortcuts. i will say its been one of the most smooth lvl 100 i done. i logged out maby maximum 10 times doing the entire play, and not a single time after lvl 97!!.

This build will be a strong candidate for the upcomming gauntlet ssf race.


Final stage of delirium

Twins bosses in heist

-Requires nothing to get going.
-Very easy gearing.
-Extremly tanky. 88-fire 87 cold-87 light 77 chaos res. 40% phys mit+ 6k armor
-Not insain damage, but high compared to the investment
-Great clear
-Disconnect rip safe
-great league starter, farm char.
-9k life!(effectivly 10k life)

-To push the character to the final stage several special items are needed, thoes can be hard to uptain in HC or SSF due to supply and special drops.
-The mechanic of the spectras requires to keep them beyound melee range, so damage output requires you to actively locate your spectras when needed.
-not recommended using spectras before lvl 38- the syndicate operatives you need to find a betrayal encounter or get them from someone els.

My achievements with this build is as followes.
farm the entire atlas.
easy mode Awakener farm. awakener 8 DIE beams can be tanked with no issues.
Elder,Shaper and uber elder easy mode.
running juiced delirium maps i84.
easy delve, done all bosses. atm im farming around debt 300 but see no reason why it cant go much deeper.
Running heist like a boss. no sweat rushing thrue the zones and all the unique heists.
East mode Simulacrum farm, i farmed many and had no issues. maby max lost 1500 hp.
Running juiced delirum maps. here is where the limit of the build comes. it can surv it easy but the damage gets to low to keep up with the timer around 6-7 stacks. with better damage weapon/rings/awakened gems i assume it would not be an issue.

Path Of Building (FORK VERSION)
Level 100 tree, with my gear.
NOTE: this gear is very endgame. and many items like the helmet, body armor, rings, gloves and wand is items i first got around lvl 99!

leveling POB

My gear
To see the jewels look in the POB

Build explained in detail
This build requires nothing special to get going, and you can level easy with random rares you find on the floor. dont sweat it if you dont have any of the items i use, most can be swapped in as you go. i think that at lvl 90+ farming red maps i only had a % block shield and the unique amulet, rest was trash items with no special mods.


THe necro accendency, is very strong and a all time hardcore favourit in many different builds. For Spectras its insain since it gives +2 to minions level making it possible to reach lvl 25 spectras to optain 3 spectres+ 1 from passive tree and 1 from body armor to a total of 5.
Also the level of gems raise the defences and damage of all your minions.The bone barrier note gives some good phys mitigation( the weakest part of the build) 20% recovery rate. with a recovery belt that adds up to 44% more recovery from regen, flasks, and most vital, life recovered on block from bone offering and shield. THIS IS THE KEY DEFENCE OF THE BUILD
Mistress of sacrifice. gives Bone offering to you at 50% of the value, this is still huge meaning 19% attack and spell block+ 400 hp on block. with offering effect(25%) on chest and recovery belt this translates into. 864 life on block and 28 block! if you then add the 5% from shield on block(7% with belt) you easy recover more then 1k pr hit. in my build as example i got 70% offering effect, and 22% on belt. with 9.4k life. and 100 flat recovery on shield. so thats 937 from flat ons shield and bone offering + shield % recovery 667, to a total of 1604 hp on block!

the build uses Glancing blows, this got nerfed but is still stong when you got recovery on block. meaning that even thoe you take damage the % recovered makes you heal more then you get damaged. i have managed to eat entire bearers packs in t16 maps without even seeing my hp move.

on top of this the Animate guardian gives with propper gear fortify to you and your minions + aoe blind. resulting in a very potent layer of defences!

The skill tree.
here you follow my pathing getting life, and the 2 clusters for max res, i would suggest going the reduced shock route(i got immunity from watchers so i go ignite) since that + Arakali makes you 80% reduced effect of shock) also the soul of steel notes gives alot of armor % and some res. with decent armor items on all gear your get around 6k armor. that might not sound of alot, but with 10% from accendency, 12% from endurance charges, 10% from chaos golem, and almost 9% from watchers, the reduction in phys damage makes the 6k armor absorb a large amount of damage, even from hard hits. i have by accident tanked some big boss slams and it was fine, but i would not recommened it! also the bonebarrier skill is used on move bottom so its up most of the time adding a 2500 absorbing shield to your hp pool.

also the tree offers a decent amount of res+ the cluster jewels, so gearing is very easy. i ran for long with like 200 to all res since i simply had to much res :D, this is key to getting good items since you only want the vital mods + some cheap crafted chaos res ect.

GEAR explained
The build requires 1 unique item, but this is not requires to start the char. just a matter of respeccing the pathing when getting the annoint.
this amulet is vital, since it adds good stats to the build: str, dex, and int.
The build uses 2 curses so the curse effect is really good.
the 15% aura effect is vital to cap aura values. its also the strongest source of defence since 10% of damage taken is a flat 10% MORE life. the more life you get the better it gets. Chaos res is vital on the neck. i used attribute catalysts since its cheap and good.
Annoint Death attunement: this is the key to getting the most vital note on the tree without pathing for it. Until you have this annoint you will path to the note.

Body armor.

here you want a +1 max spectra chest. this is a drop only from minion notes in delve. this can be very random to get. but you dont need anything amazing here, they can be bougth for like 20c with nothing outside a bit life. very good chests can be very expencive. but dont sweat. you will do just fine without anything special here.
My chest also got the Hunter influence mod Effect of offerings this is only gained by hunter exalting a surfix, with the rating around 33% chance to hit it.(or 16,5% for t2, and 16,5% for t1) so not that hard to get. however the hunter exalt is pretty expencive.
The effecto of offering, boost your bone offering with x % meaning you gain more block- and life on block, so you can save a few passive points.

here you want 2 mods. +1 to all spell skill gems. this is vital to push the lvl of your spectras to 25, unlocking nr 5 spectra.
trigger socceted gems. this is a bench craft unlocked by betrayal. this allows you to auto cast, desecrate, bone offering and tempesst shield.
I used a very shitty wand with just thoes 2 mods for long and had no issues in high tier maps.
a +2 wand is very hard to craft, and also expencive. its near impossible to role with chaos, alters ect. the only real way to get it is using a 4 soccet resonator with: jagged, corroded, metalic, and shuttering fossils. this will lock off most stats, on the prefixes, outside: +1 to all spells,+1 to all minion gems, +% spell damage+ % minion damage. however when you get the +2 your most likely got 6 mods meaning it often will require you to annul a mod, and pray it dont remove any of the + to gems. HOWEVER a +1 to all spells + minion damage % is just as strong damage wise. so dont sweat you dont have a +2. the +1 spell gems is also vital to get lvl 21 puritys unless you got a glove with corrupted-+2 to area or aura gems. or +1 to all gems.


here you want a elder base, with the +1 to all spectra gems surfix. and then what other mods you want like life, movementspeed or res ect.
the +1 on boot is not needed if you have a +2 wand. but its still good.


here you want life, resists and dex, armor base is to be prefered. you want to craft the +1 to aoe gems to boost the auras. a corrupted glove with +1 to all gems can also work, or +2 to area or aura gems. you need the puritys to reach lvl 23, to grant 5% max res base. this is however not needed for playing the char just your endstate goal.


here you want a elder base helmet. the bone helmet if best since it gives some minion damage implicit. there is many enchants that work. like reduced reserve, of puritys. or different minions. i got the chaos golem effect so thats like 4-5% physical mitigation for free. you want atleast minion life mod, to make your zombies, and animate guardians tanky. but the minion damage gem is great for some more damage and global damage.
my helmet also got +% spell block this is very nice to save a few points on the tree.


this item is very importent to get. with the influence mod % life recovered on block.
my shield is extremly good. but i played with a crappy one with only the % block for long and it was fine.
also the shaper mod +2 to max res is huge. this requires i85 shaper base. all the mods can be crafted on a shaper base but its easyer to simply use an awakener orb on a shaper and warlord base.
the last insain good mod is hitting the shaper % spell block or being able to craft it with bench(5%) you want a armor base but dont bleed out to get the ezomyte base. many others is fine.


here you want as much life as possible, and the life recovery rate. a leather belt is best, it requires a i80 elder belt to craft on. its not hard to get something decent, using pristine fossils. and having the belt catalysed to 20% with fettle catalysts(do so before crafting since its 5% pr catalyst on a white base)


here you want life and what ever res and some dex. dont need vermillions but its a good base when you can affort, and have the res mods. cheap rings with some life/dex, res(especially chaos res) will do fine here. Also you can get minion damage on rings, from eather delve or redeemer. i tryed to craft vermillion rings with high life, and minion damage+ decent res and i failed! after using over 1000 chaos in fossils, essences ect. So dont waist currency here before you can afford it!

clusters are something you start adding when you got the major part of the tree done. they are not vital but here is where you slowly start making the endgame tweaking. i started with some crappy 10 pointes and slowly upgraded mine.

1 Large minion jewel. here you want rotten claw to cap impale chance. Note that it is not required if you get both impale and phys proj with divergent( i think) + a dread banner with higher % impale(anomulus?) but thats some min maxing i have not looked into.(also the awakende phys proj is stronger so thats better).
the other note should be Renewal. this gives alot of damage and good regen. the surfixes can be anything but i got both dex and int on mine making stats easyer on gear.

1 medium. minion life. here you want renewal of feist of feint. they give more regen, damage and some leech.

1 medium. Aura effect. this jewel is vital for the endgame setup, since to reach the high res cap you need to reach 100% as following. 10% from the passive note sovereignty 15% from the amulet. 32% from the cluster jewel to a total of 57%. this will boost your lvl 23 (5%) auras to 8% max res.
it can be achieved by the following.
5 soccet cluster with the notes first among equles and pure commander.+2 x6%. or a 5 passive with 35%. the 35% is best. but expencive (i84 base). i played for long with just using 3 points in a regular(so 1% less max res) and it was fine just missing 1% max res.

Small cluster jewels
here you want life, and good mods. like flat life, res or dex. fettle and sovernty is your best options, but blessed is also good to cap chaos res!

regular jewels. just get life, and good stuff you want like res, stats or minion stuff. you want 1 jewel with corrupted blood immunity for doing awakener, thies jewels are easy farmed in heist with jewel drops(google heist cheat sheets)

Anatomical knowlege is a cheap and strong jewel at witch. get it early if you can.

Watchers eye. you want to get a jewel with % phys taken as elemental, i got one with Lightning + immune to shock while affected by Purity of lightning. i got no clue of the value since i dropped it my self.



Bone barrier(from accendency) you put on move bottom, so its up most of the time.
Wand: desecrate, bone offering and tempesst shield. tempesst shield you use lvl 1, higher is bad since it can ele reflect. both bone offering and tempesst shield you can get in diverent version granting more block. remember to have trigger craft on the wand.

Boot: flamedash, convocation, enduring cry, second wind. not much trick to this, you self cast enduring cry when ever you feel the need. mainly on bosses.
Poachers mark: anywhere you want, i got it in helmet. this mark, is extremly powerfull and key to getting good damage. it grants alot of reduced damage to target, and life on hit to the spectras. also most importently it grants frency charges. each charge grants your minions 15% more damage, i also use this to direct my minions since they will attack the mob you tag.

Auras: glove. crafted with +1 purity of fire, ice, lighting+ enligthen. you need like enligthen lvl 2, to fit em in. if you get enlighten lvl 4 or maby +1 all gems on glove corrupt you can acculy use a vitality on a ring at low lvl( this is only good if you get the heist version that grants % damage with quality)
Dread banner you can put where you like, i got mine in the shield. this gives your minions alot of impale chance, and impale effect+ defencive since enemys got less chance to hit, stacked with blind from the animate guardian your pretty hard to hit.

Spectres. Bodyarmor. Raise spectre. spell echo, greater volley, brutality, impale, vicious projectiles. in that order of importance.
You can get the anomulus spell echo since it gives cast speed, and the minions dont do spell damage. also impale can come in divergent to add impale chance. this is needed if you use awakende vicious proj. i use divergent vicious proj since that grants impale chance. the strongest possible setup uses awakenede brutality and vic proj. but do your math about what gems you need to cap impale chance.

The key here is to reach lvl 25 spectras. it can come from gem lvl + accenency + to spell or minion gem on gear and empower support.

The syndicate operatives explained: this is a minion that have a default melee attack and a ranged spell. however it gets triggy since they spell cast a physical projectile attack, so it scales off attack, not spell.
the minion deals almost no damage vs melee enemys but using the ranged attack the skill can clear 2 screens away. also the greater volley gives a shotgunning effect of the projectiles so its huge for damage and clear. the ideal range is like 2 meters to the target for max damage.

Helmet: raise zombies and animate guardian, meat shield.
pref a helmet with minion life, and minion damage support is a bonus.
this makes your primary wall of corpses good and they do some damage to. as soon you get decent minion life jewels and high lvl of the gems they never die.

Animate guardian explained. you start with the regular 1c uniques for the guardian(helmet, staff, boot,) +what ever glove- body armor you want(good uniques here to).
the endgame guardian is semi expencive but its worth every penny.

Mask of the stitched demon( this is incursion upgraded). grants life regen
based on energy shield.

bodyarmor: redeemer with nearby enemys are blinded. + bench craft 10% of life is gained as max energy shield. this means since the AG got so much life it gets immortal with the regen from the mask!!

KING MAKER. this weapon is insain, giving, fortify to you and the minions, cullting strike, crit multi, and item rarity. its made from the soultaker and heart seeker vendor recipy(google)

Boots: windscream grants +1 max curse.

gloves. corrupted with vulnerbility on hit. the bigboy glove also have the hunter mod intimidate on hit for 10% more damage.

Chaos golem. this grants 4% phys mitigation with the anomouls version thats 5%. pared with helmet ench it gives 10% total and is huge for phys mitigation. THe Golem is your most squicy minion but its easy to resummon.

leveling gear

For most part normal rares with life and res. alot of your soccets are blue so dont waist to much on trying to crome pure armor gear.
here is a list of really good choises

Also Lioneyes Remorse is a great shield
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8/11-2020 finished the guide
Nice build! That's the build I'm looking for, a tanky one I could use to push my Necromancer to 100. thank you for sharing
Got 2 questions, where should I find Syndicate Operative and what should I use as spectre before I find it? Thank you
Last edited by Wes07 on Nov 8, 2020, 3:15:11 PM
Hey, cool build mate! I’m looking to integrate the bone offering, life on block elements into my Spider build to increase survivability.

Two questions
(1) how viable would this be without the increased offerings from chest?
(2) would you take a belt with tier 2 life recovery and better stats over one with t1?
slyngplante wrote:
Hey, cool build mate! I’m looking to integrate the bone offering, life on block elements into my Spider build to increase survivability.

Two questions
(1) how viable would this be without the increased offerings from chest?
(2) would you take a belt with tier 2 life recovery and better stats over one with t1?

yes to both. if you read the guide i had non of the two mods for my majority of play thrue. and was doing all content on hc. the only diff for the offering effect is that you spend like 3 passive points on block vs life notes. not that i ever got below half hp anyways
Does it worth to use feeding frenzy on spectres in main gem setup? Often i see that my spectres just walking around and do nothing ignoring mobs
Wes07 wrote:
Nice build! That's the build I'm looking for, a tanky one I could use to push my Necromancer to 100. thank you for sharing
Got 2 questions, where should I find Syndicate Operative and what should I use as spectre before I find it? Thank you

frost auto-sentry from Tunnel heist is good
huivamsuchari wrote:
Does it worth to use feeding frenzy on spectres in main gem setup? Often i see that my spectres just walking around and do nothing ignoring mobs

you direct the spectras with poachers mark on right mouse bottom this curse is vital for damage and controle of minions. as soon a mob in a direction have taken damage a wall of projectiles will tag any mobs there
huivamsuchari wrote:
Does it worth to use feeding frenzy on spectres in main gem setup? Often i see that my spectres just walking around and do nothing ignoring mobs

you direct the spectras with poachers mark on right mouse bottom this curse is vital for damage and controle of minions. as soon a mob in a direction have taken damage a wall of projectiles will tag any mobs there

so curse can be used as equiv of Signal Pray from predator support?
Added videos of clearing delirium and twins bosses.

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