[3.13] Ignite Fireball/FW Agnostic Trickster. NO CLUSTERS REQ. LVL Guide. ScorchingRayVerInc

-- This build is min/maxed. DO NOT expect to respec a level 90 character, buy a couple pieces of gear and get equivalent stats and performance of my current setup.
-- I will be working on adding videos as i can complete them. I dislike recording and uploading videos but i will for this build because i believe it merits it

NOTE: This build also functions extremely well as Scorching Ray/Flame Wall build as well. Essentially its the exact same leveling guide, just don't swap over to fireball, and rush over to Unwavering Stance.
End game stuff is very similar as well. Here is a PoB for endgame SR/FW

Welcome to my build. Feel free to enjoy, modify, improve and comment.

Uber Lab Regen Test
Pit Of The Chimera - Full Clear
Hydra with -13% max, 49% ele res, 74% less recovery rate
Elder Fight
Drox, the Warlord
Baran, the Crusader
Al-Hezmin, the Hunter
Veritania, the Redeemer
Tier 16 Tropical Island Juiced Delirium Clear...mostly

Note about the delirium map
That is exactly why i hate delirium. It is so laggy and glitchy and you just cannot see anything at all. I don't feel bad about dying in the map though, vs the double boss, beyond bosses etc. And to still get 89 splinters without Alva or killing the double boss, i feel like that is a good showcase with how fast this build actually is.

Path of Building FORK
You will need community FORK PoB for best results.

Be sure to mess around with settings. I've placed the settings for the typical AL8 Sirus scenario where i would have not killed with my DoT recently, no frenzy/power charges etc.
As the guide goes on i'll address different settings

This "build" is a baseline Agnostic Trickster tree and gear which can be used in various ways for many offensive options that one might prefer. This guide focuses on two options, so far.
This first post will focus on the FIRE VERSION

A tanky version of the ignite Fireball/Flamewall Trickster with plenty of damage by mana scaling.
Using Stormfire ring, Archmage, and Arcane Cloak to scale offense while simultaneously scaling defense with Mind Over Matter, Agnostic, and Arcane Cloak.
Utilizing Kitava's Thirst helmet to automatically cast damage augmenting abilities to keep the quality of life and smooth playstyle feel alive. This makes regular mapping a breeze with 1 button press clears and bossing retains its hit and run tactic.
The MASSIVE regeneration of your life and mana make defenses solid especially vs the pesky damage over time effects we've all come to hate, including bleed, poison, corrupted blood, caustic ground, and yes even Labyrinth traps.

As you can see in PoB, Fireball ignite damage for AL8 Sirus (practical settings as well) is 2,331,784. Flamewall Primary 449,879, Secondary 1,799,517. Total of about 4.5 million Sirus DPS.
PoB calculates Effective HP Pool of 15,477.
Max Hit - 25,726
DOT - 21,676
Effective - 38,199

Max Hit - 65,860
DOT - 73,700
Effective - 97,788

Max Hit - 11,125
DOT - 12,449
Effective - 16,518

PoB further calculates my regeneration rate. If i have killed recently and am NOT on full life...
Life Regen: 2,461.0
Mana Regen: 2,190.3

All Content Viable
Quick tier 16 map clear
Delirium farm viable
Uber Elder
Atziri and Uber Atziri
Heist Contracts and Blueprints
Sirus Conquerors and AL8 Sirus
Hall Of Grandmasters
Delve (ilvl 83 zones)

Very tanky
Great damage over time values
Massive regen means you don't care about any degen effect (including Corrupted Blood)
1 button clears
Cheap to start
League starter viable

Multiple map mods to reroll
Dependent on ignite chance
Basically no helmet enchants available

Required Uniques
The required uniques for this build to just function as a Fireball/Flamewall Ignite Trickster are as follows:
Atziri Foible
The Searing Touch
Kitava's Thirst

Further in levels and in maps you can grab Stormfire (requires level 80) which will drastically improve your damage by letting you use Archmage support.
After which and final unique to get would be Cloak of Defiance. Its obviously great offensively and defensively but is NOT required. I was doing t16 maps with a +2 corrupted Tabula Rasa (for 20c) for weeks before i got my Cloak. I didn't even start using the CoD until i manually 6 linked it.

Passive Tree and Ascendancy
Click to view Passive Tree on Official site

Pretty basic i find. EE+EO for damage augmentation. MoM and Agnostic is the main defensive mechanic at play, and Glancing Blows just helps with damage reduction to reduce one shot potential.
Unwavering Stance felt required while i entered maps.
Passives with the ignite chance are essentially mandatory, which is okay because they're the best damage passives available anyway. Obviously using a staff with the staff block nodes, allocating Glancing Blows makes 70/50 block which is respectable.
Arcane Capacitor is an insane boost in mana regen so it is very well worth it.
Best anoint is Crusader (Black,Gold,Gold). Cheaper option is Burning Brutality.


Okay first up. Stormfire is required to make the build do decent damage while scaling mana and using Archmage Support. Cloak of Defiance is BiS as is Atziri's Foible.
The Searing Touch is also BiS. I absolutely do not recommend crafting and using any other staff, the cost just isn't worth it, and i highly doubt such a base will be as available in other leagues either.

Kitava's Thirst i find is BiS. Crown of the Inward Eye is superior (if you anoint something other than Crusader) but the quality of life Kitava's gives cannot be matched. Automatically casting the specific socketed spells makes your life a WHOLE lot easier, not needing to press 3 added buttons vs chaotic bosses/situations.

Ring2: After Stormfire, your second ring is also quite important. The ability to get flat mana and flat mana regen via temple mods should not be passed up.

Gloves, Belt, Boots are only there to fill in what you need/can afford for the remaining:
Movement Speed
(Listed in order of importance)
The single pierce is pretty important i'd say. Its doable without, but it doesn't feel great. Get it ASAP after entering maps to make your life a lot better


Pretty important Prefix/Suffix combination on all flasks.
Catalysed Eternal of Staunching is BiS for trickster in my opinion. Feel free to change it up, but PoB states this flask heals me for 4,243 hp over 2.67 seconds.
Enduring Eternal of Heat for freeze removal and constantly mana regen. Mana is hp with this build so its good to stick with Enduring. If flask is active and you're full on mana you can still get frozen. Important to keep in mind that you will almost always have to take a sip AFTER becoming frozen.
Quicksilver obviously
Rumi's Concoction. I prefer getting as much physical damage mitigation as i can possibly can because it is what im weakest to. That entails using a granite flask, so might as well use Rumi's and cap out at 75/70 block chance
Basalt flask. Required to up your phys mit as much as possible. I prefer having curse immunity


I opted for a tanky version of the build so i wanted % mana and % life on all jewels.
My build is also pretty optimized so my combination of gear required lightning res on jewels as well. And without a crafted staff you will probably want 1-2 jewels with ignite chance included.

The watcher's eye is not required but it definitely helps with the eHP. The best mod to get is the MoM mod to help balance out your hp and mana values. Anything else is gravy.

Skill Gems
You can ignore Alternate Quality for future proofing, in case they're not available. However the alternate quality i've opted for i find to be best.

Main Fireball setup. Awakened gems are obviously not required. Obviously replace GMP with Swift Affliction for single target. I only need to do this vs guardians and major bosses.

Flame Wall setup. This is optimized for damage. Keep in mind that Concentrated Effect, even though it gives the highest damage boost in PoB, does NOT raise Flame Walls damage at all in game.

Kitava's Thirst setup. Helmet makes these skills cast automatically for massive QoL. These are the best in the helmet because brands cannot be triggered and arcane cloak is best manually cast.

Arcane Cloak setup. I put this on left-click to cast ASAP any time its available. It will proc a max level Arcane Surge for full effect as well, which with the alt quality bonus duration will keep it up 100% of the time.
I am testing Dash over Flame Dash because i do think i prefer it, but you can use whichever movement skill you prefer. Dash is only level 16 because of the required dexterity.

And finally Storm Brand + Inc Crit to trigger both Elemental Overload and Elemental Equilibrium. Only required to cast on very bulky rares and bosses.
I have Infernal Cry socketed for the single target damage boost of Ash. It is also beneficial to cast versus Porcupines to explode their corpses.

Bandits and Pantheon
Bandits: Points.

Major: Soul of Lunaris
Minor: Soul of Gruthkul

Further Optimization - For The Big Spenders and Min/Max'ers
The way you can really jack this build up to 11 would be to get a double corrupted body armor, +4 gems. This would boost the fireball ignite damage to with a total damage output possible of 5 million combined Sirus dps.

You could also splurge for a crazy watcher's eye. One with the MoM mod PLUS mana recovery rate (about 50 exalts currently) would be pretty good

Also can get crazy BiS belt, potentially a Stygian Vise. This would allow more mana overall but slightly less life. You can however also get a % mana regeneration rate while moving mod on the jewel

Better gloves of course, maybe with Culling Strike

Better boots are also very possible. Something i thought about doing was, if i could make resistances not a problem, to craft a Synth base with the mana regeneration rate implicit. Unsure of what other mods would be best.

Also some ways to min/max would be to add cluster jewels, thread of hope, and even timeless jewels. A specific timeless jewel that works incredibly well with this build would be Divine Flesh. Since you don't have energy shield anyway, Divine Flesh, if you can get the chaos resistance, would add an incredible amount of eHP against elemental damage.

Feel free to leave your 2 cents, comments, questions etc. I will most likely continue playing this build, trying to further optimize (like getting helmet enchant). I will most likely league start this build for 3.13 as well, and maybe even for league event whatever that will look like.

Again, videos will come periodically. I'll be looking to post Shaper Guardian clears, a t16 Tropical Island delirium clear, Elder, maybe Uber Atziri, Conquerors and AL8 Sirus. Also i really want to post video demonstrating the regen rate vs Uber Lab traps, because you can legit just stand in them for dozens of seconds if you've killed recently. Handful of seconds if you haven't.

That about sums it up, thanks!
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This guide will focus on starting the character to get into early/mid maps. Basically until level 80 when you can then use Stormfire unique ring. At that point the build is fully functional.

Use this Pastebin to follow the Passive Trees for the corresponding levels. Visit the 'Tree' tab and at the bottom left you can scroll through varying trees.


Level 1-12

Kill Hillock. Enter Lioneye's Watch
This is where you'll get your first skill as a reward. I suggest Freezing Pulse.
Good time to check Nessa for basic wands, if linked/stated.

After completing Breaking Some Eggs the quest rewards are irrelevant but you can now buy Flamewall from Nessa.
At this point you can use Freezing Pulse to proc Flamewall damage on monsters.

At this point, or prior to your Shadow, level up a Templar to the same point in order to get Holy Flame Totem from Breaking Some Eggs quest reward, which at the moment is the strongest leveling option. Just plop the totem down and throw a flamewall directly on top of it to decimate everything.

Grab your skill point from Dweller Of The Deep and move on.

Get to the Lower Prison then go back to town. You should be level 8-10 at this point. Again quest reward is irrelevant but now you can buy Combustion. Link this with Holy Flame Totem. With a 3-link you could also use Added Fire Damage or Infused Channeling.

NOTE: Pick up every magic/rare wand and identify them, as well as checking vendor (Nessa) when you're in town. Your idea weapon will be a wand with +1 Fire Spell Skill Gems and any other usable stats.
Eventually you'll want weapons WITHOUT 'Adds x-x Fire Damage To Spells' when Elemental Equilibrium is in play. Just keep this in mind.

For Brutus reward when you choose to get it, grabbing Clarity would probably be best, unless you prefer to use Flame Dash then feel free.
You can also buy Vitality from Nessa which is a great survival tool early on.

After you kill Fairgraves and enter Merveil's Caverns you can grab Fire Trap from quest reward and also buy Scorching Ray. Scorching Ray will be amazing for leveling with some links. Two of which you can use immediately with Infused Channeling and Efficacy. Infused Channeling only IF you completed Mercy Mission on Tidal Island. You can also grab Arcane Surge and start leveling it up.

Kill Merveil and end Act 1. How you do so depends on you. I prefer to keep using Holy Flame Totem with flamewall and just channel Scorching Ray directly in her face.
If you prefer to button spam you can also throw Fire Traps at her feet anytime for more damage.

Visit PoB for Passive Tree "Act1 - Lvl12"

Level 13-24

Get to The Forest Encampment. Head right into The Old Fields.
I personally like to clear out the right side first as i find it fastest.

Intruders in Black rewards you with Arcane Cloak. Pick this up, but don't look to use it for a little while yet. Good to start leveling it now, however.

Now go through Fellshrine Ruins into The Crypt. You'll need your ascendancy trial here anyway, but also complete the quest Through Sacred Ground for the reward jewel Survival Secrets. This jewel grants you 3 flat mana regeneration, which will be used shortly.

NOTE: With Sharp and Cruel quest you need to kill The Weaver. If you're playing in Hardcore league you need to pay attention because this is going to be the most difficult encounter thus far, given that you're unable to reach MoM yet. Still shouldn't be an issue, however.

With Sharp and Cruel down you can get some better support gems if you have the links. Elemental Focus should be quest reward, and look to buy Elemental Focus(2nd one) and 2x Controlled Destruction.
Your absolute ideal links at this point should look like this:
1) Holy Flame Totem, Added Fire Damage/Infused Channeling, Combustion
2) Flame Wall, Elemental Focus, Controlled Destruction
3) Scorching Ray, Elemental Focus, Controlled Destruction, Infused Channelling

Depending on how lucky you've gotten with your wands/gear your damage should feel pretty absurd at this point. This is when i typically stick with SR and just quickly sweep packs and run along, letting them burn to death in my wake. You'll quickly get a feel for how long they need to stay in your beam before taking the rest of the damage from the remaining duration.
Using Holy Flame Totem and Flame Wall almost exclusively for bosses at this point. With tanky rares, you can just drop a Flame Wall on their face without needing to worry about the totem to apply.

Bum rush the rest of the Act and kill the Vaal Oversoul to finish it off. At this point you should be around level 21-24. The targeted skill tree is level 24.
You should be able to pick up Mind Over Matter by level 22 with rushing it, which i suggest you do. At this point you can comfortably drop Vitality if you prefer to keep the mana up. All depends how you're feeling at this point and how your gear is looking.

Visit PoB for Passive Tree "Act2 - Lvl24"

Level 25-32

Starting in Act 3 is where a bunch of monsters are way more aggressive. Its good practice to just run past them and place flame walls down behind you and things will usually just clear themselves out. Makes for some pretty quick clearing overall.

Lost in Love reward should be used to take Flammability. Malevolence can be bought at this point but i don't suggest you ever use it.

There isn't much going on until the Library. I highly suggest finishing the Fixture Of Fate quest so you can grab Second Wind as quest reward. You can also buy 2x Burning Damage Support if/when you get 4-links for your Flame Wall as well as Scorching Ray (Burning Damage better than Controlled Destruction).
At this point it is very beneficial to get a 3-link of:
Arcane Cloak, Arcane Surge, Second Wind
Throw in your movement skill (Dash or Flame Dash) if you happen to have an open 4-link.
After you get the Arcane Cloak linked you can freely pick up Dynamo. Don't allocate Dynamo until you can have this setup.

NOTE: Since Siosa is a giant dong and won't take currency from your stash, what you'll need in your inventory is as follows:
Second Wind: reward
Burning Damage: Orb of Chance
Storm Brand: Orb of Transmutation
Increased Critical Strikes: Orb of Transmutation

In order to make room for Storm Brand+Inc Crit, which you should use as soon as you get to allocate Elemental Equilibrium, feel free to drop either Holy Flame Totem or Scorching Ray at this time for the extra links.
Regarding your skill decision
This all depends on your preference. I 100% prefer Scorching Ray. I think its one of the strongest early leveling damage over time skills. Some may not like it however and may just want to stick with the totem. This is completely subjective and you can choose either or.

Also by now you should have the jewel socket underneath Mind Over Matter and have socketed your Survival Secrets jewel.

Now, IMO you should wait until level 30 to fight Dominus and gang. This will make it dramatically easier since you can allocate Elemental Equilibrium, which you can proc with Storm Brand.
After that, you're done with Act 3.

Get your ascendancy after Act 3/shortly into Act 4. First choice is always Patient Reaper for the sustain. This preps us to be able to allocate Agnostic.

Visit PoB for Passive Tree "Act3 - Lvl32"

At this point in the playthrough you may start noticing that you're getting stunned nearly every time you get hit. It all depends on your gear. To lessen the stuns until Act 7, after you get Soul of the Brine King, just try to focus on flat life everywhere on your gear that you can.

Crucial Point
Level 37

PoB Passive Tree Crucial Point - Lvl37 shows what your tree should look like. At this point you need to decide which is most important. You can either spec into Dynamo and possibly Battle Rouse if you need much more mana and mana sustain.
You can start spec'ing into more life in the Scion life wheel
You can run the "normal" course and start preparing for using Fireball by getting another jewel socket shortly as well as some more ignite chance.

This is where you'll make the decision to how you fill in your passive tree and it mostly depends on your current progression. Safe play is to continue as demonstrated and just focus more on flat life on gear. Mana should almost never be an issue with mana flasks and clarity. Life is important but mostly only to stop you from getting stunned which will be less of a problem shortly.

ACT 4/5/6
Up to Lvl 50

Act 4 and 5 are pretty straight forward. A specific note is to start getting offhand weapons and leveling up the Fireball gem. You may just want to do all 6 as Fireball, as you'll want to corrupt them once they hit level 20.

At around 40-44 you'll have completed the quest The King's Feast. For the reward you should grab Poacher's Aim unique jewel. This will be required to start using Fireball, before you have any other source of pierce.
Around this specific time is when you should have or look to get the next jewel socket under Pain Attunement.

Once you can socket the jewel i'd say its safe to start using Fireball as long as you have the links for it. At this time you can drop Scorching Ray for leveling. As SR isn't the focus (in this build) you'll start finding it more annoying than anything without investing more into it as its own build.

Grab up a 4-link setup for Fireball with Greater Multiple Projectiles, Combustion, and a last link. Once you complete Act 6 quest Fallen From Grace you can purchase Ignite Proliferation which will serve as your best 4th link.

Flamewall and Fireball should now serve as your main clear throughout the rest of leveling. Drop Storm Brands on top of anything you want to die faster.
You could sub out GMP for Swift Affliction for single target starting now as well, if you so feel the need.

NOTE: I have picked up a +30 dexterity passive, but this may not be required for you depending on gear and such. It is usually unspec'd later anyway.

Finishing Campaign

At level 62 you can use Searing Touch. This is highly recommended to save all currency for this purchase ASAP. On the first days of the league it can be approximately 15-20 chaos, and only goes down in price from there. Don't worry about rolls or links, just get one.

The passive trees will represent being able to get Searing Touch immediately, thus i put my main focus on getting block chance and Glancing Blows ASAP. This isn't exactly necessary, but i prefer being tanky than pure DPS. Damage is heavily ramped up by getting the staff anyway.
If you don't want to focus on getting all of the block chance then by all means go for Breath of Flames early.

I always suggest getting your Merc Labyrinth before finishing A10 Kitava, as doing it afterwards will have you struggling with another -30% all res resistance penalty.

Early Maps

Alright congrats on getting to maps! You should be able to blow through them pretty damn fast as most of your links should be up and running.

Right now i'll focus mainly on things to upgrade and focus on for early maps.
So your first major upgrade should be Atziri's Foible. It will give you such an insane QoL and defense. It usually runs around 50c during this time, but blast through the maps and save up.
A Tabula Rasa is viable to be farmed or buy at this point as well. If you can afford it, a Tabula with either +2 AoE Gem or +2 Projectile Gem corruption will serve you extremely well and can last until end game bosses (t15/16 maps).

Some very valuable gloves that you could look to pick up are Storm's Gift. These are usually extremely cheap and are quite powerful for this build, given that it will spread shocks to other enemies and gives some Damage Over Time damage.

Leveling from 70-80 should happen quickly. While doing so keep in mind of your resistance plans. You should be looking to get Stormfire ring by exactly level 80. Plan other gear accordingly to make room for the resistances granted by Stormfire.
Once you get Stormfire you can socket Archmage over Combustion and this will be an extreme boost to your damage immediately. At this point you can look to allocate some more mana passives to boost your damage as well as QoL and defense (MoM).

By this time you should also have Breath of Flames which will nearly cap your ignite chance. To fully cap it, if you prefer, you'll need to look for a jewel with the remaining amount required.

After getting Stormfire for sure, possibly before, you can grab up a Kitava's Thirst. This will be the biggest QoL available since it will be casting a multitude of damaging abilities for you automatically.
Feel free to mess around with the sockets as well, for instance if you'd prefer to have Storm Brand cast automatically.
Definitely aim to have this up and running by mid yellow maps (t8ish). It will drastically improve your damage and mobility, since you don't need to stand still casting more abilities.

Once you get into yellow tier and early red tier maps you should still be doing pretty solid. Boost life and mana via gear as much as you can afford, and depending on your luck/drops i suggest only starting to wear a Cloak of Defiance AFTER you 6-link it, to replace Tabula.

Welp there you have it! Thanks for reading and have fun with the new league. Best of luck.
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Build has been amazing so far. Only level 71. Thank you for the build.
This build also functions extremely well as Scorching Ray/Flame Wall build as well. Essentially its the exact same leveling guide, just don't swap over to fireball, and rush over to Unwavering Stance.

End game stuff is very similar as well. Here is a PoB for endgame SR/FW

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Quick update: level 80 with full awakened gems + ring. Damage and survivability is insane.

Huge thanks for posting/updating this build.
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Brother, that Full Delirium vid was great. No shame in that run at all. According to the "elite" - that kind of Delirium run is impossible without a Headhunter. Nice job dispelling that bs.
I was going to quit after my current toon, but I think I am going to have to give this bad boy a run even though I have done DoTs to death this league.
Thanks for the post. Really good job man.

Oh and a Stormfire dropped for me literally the map I did after reading this for the first time. So... destiny? ;-)
Last edited by Chucacobra on Nov 5, 2020, 5:37:44 PM
Hi all, thx for this guide, buid look awesome... i haved switched to this build, but I feel that I lack damage and survival.. clear speed in maps feels good, but I can't kill the guardians shaper's, chimera, phoenix, etc, I die very easily...
I would appreciate some help.

this is my pob:

Last edited by IverzonX on Nov 5, 2020, 5:50:33 PM
IverzonX wrote:
Hi all, thx for this guide, buid look awesome... i haved switched to this build, but I feel that I lack damage and survival.. clear speed in maps feels good, but I can't kill the guardians shaper's, chimera, phoenix, etc, I die very easily...
I would appreciate some help.

this is my pob:


hey hey. thanks for the trying the build.

so first off, read the disclaimer. you shouldn't expect to just swap the tree and a couple pieces of gear and immediately take on the end game content of this game. this is a sure-fire way to make you lose confidence in a build, regardless of what you're copying.

that being said lets take your pob a look

so first thing i see is your gear is pretty decent, and your tree is damn near exact.
however your stats are lacking (as to be expected). so regarding your survival issue, what pantheons are you using?

i notice that you do not have unwavering stance, but it looks like you're pathing to it. i'd say 100% get unwavering stance immediately and see how it feels after that. use lunaris and gruthkul and ya just respec 2 points from somewhere and pick up unwavering stance.

next is your mana regen is very low. this is mostly because your max mana isn't super high, and you don't have flat regen on the ring, and your clarity isn't high level yet.
but since mana regen is the main defense here, this is another reason why you're feeling like you're dying easily.
the way to boost these is to get % mana on your jewels. get flat mana on your belt and ring, and regenerate flat mana on ring.

also shows that you're not even using a 5th flask.

so your damage isn't bad either, but it isn't great. about 2m sirus dps with sirus realistic settings. except there is one crucial problem especially for single target, which would affect your kill speed which would affect your survivability.
your staff. right now it has flat fire damage to spells. this means that your EE is not working properly with storm brand, since storm brand will be applying fire damage it will actually be gimping your ignite damage at all times.
you cannot have added fire damage to spells for the storm brand/EE interaction to work properly.

and honestly even with that staff, a modest searing touch is already a decent upgrade. so just get a super cheap searing touch and you'll instantly see your single target damage skyrocket in comparison (because EE will work properly with storm brand applied) and that will also help you get through those boss battles faster, meaning less time for mistakes and whatnot

hope this helps

Chucacobra wrote:
Thanks for the post. Really good job man.

Oh and a Stormfire dropped for me literally the map I did after reading this for the first time. So... destiny? ;-)

thanks man.

ya definitely game is telling you to go for it!
xMustard wrote:

your staff. right now it has flat fire damage to spells. this means that your EE is not working properly with storm brand, since storm brand will be applying fire damage it will actually be gimping your ignite damage at all times.
you cannot have added fire damage to spells for the storm brand/EE interaction to work properly.

thx for reply... I did not know that.. i try to remove it or buy another staff. I'm going to make those changes and try how it works.

ty mate.

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