[3.12] Solo Aurastack Guardian - 70m sDPS with ~90k ehp (3.13 manifesto addressed)

----------------- WARNING 3.13 WARNING -----------------

At end game, my scion theory craft loses 30% of his increased aura effect which is more than half his damage...

My current POB loses 28% of his increased aura effect which again is about half his damage... this also puts you under 275% inc aura effect for 90% resists on level 20 gems

This is ONLY from the changes to small medium cluster passives (6%->3%) not including any changes to first among equals...

We will see how this change is actually implemented (instead of what manifesto shows) and ill let you know what's happening from there. And we will see if 4 passive mediums may allow for this build to function as it did.

If this change happens as expected, hopefully the old clusters are legacy so I can always go back to standard to remember true power... but it also may make this build a lot cheaper :)

----------------- WARNING 3.13 WARNING -----------------

My goal for Heist was to minmax an Aurastacked Guardian (outside of POB) and this character and this build guide are the results of this goal.

Budget POB: https://pastebin.com/9tuw3mfS (level 78 with 3.2m Shaper DPS)
Midgame POB: https://pastebin.com/SL9X2UCn (level 98 with 10m Shaper DPS)
Current POB: https://pastebin.com/XrZF87LE (level 100 with 70.2m Shaper DPS)

Pro's and Cons

- 90% resistances with high physical damage reduction/evade chance. (hard to be oneshot).
- High ES Regen (great sustainablity).
- Crazy Singletarget DPS.
- Scales really well with investment.
- Can be played on a reasonable budget.

- Not the best map clear (although if you go EK its not bad)
- Can't do elemental reflect and no regen
- Not really a league start/ssf friendly

Aura Effect Math and Breakpoints.

The scaling of this build is ALL aura effect and how it impacts your build.

Basics, for budget I recommend 200% increased aura effect as this allows you to get the 90% all resistance with 23 purities as explained below. For mid build 275% increased aura effect allows 90% all resistance with only 20 purities.

Getting an estimate of Aura Effect

Easy way to estimate aura effect without counting nodes and the like is simple, find an aura that gives something seen easily in the character sheet, Haste is really good for it, note how much movement speed you have with it on and off. Using my current build as an example, I have 29% with it off and 71% with it on 71-29 = 42 difference, Haste gives 10% base movement speed so 42/10 = 4.2 which means I have 420 to 429 aura effect or 320 to 329 increased aura effect and with counting all my aura effect I have 329 increased aura effect at the time of writing this and proves the math.

The other way to find out is POB:

x3.97 Aura Effect Mod, but that doesn't count Purposeful Harbinger so that needs to be added 3.97 + 0.32 (2 nodes, 2 heralds 0.08 each with a maximum of 0.4) = 4.29 (329% increased aura effect)

TLDR; increased aura effect = (current benefit / base benefit - 1) x 100

How much damage is Aura Effect worth

Take Purity of Ice as an example. At level 23 it grants 5% Maximum Cold Resistance. To increase it you need 100/5 aura effect to increase it, so for every 20% increased aura effect you get 1% additional Maximum Cold Resistance and as you want 15% Maximum Cold Resistance to get to 90% you need 10% additional on top of the base 10x20 is the 200% increased aura effect noted in the basics at the top.

The reverse is if you know you have 200% increased aura effect and the aura grants 5% Maximum Cold Resistance the formula is (increase Aura Effect/100 + 1) x Base Aura effect or (200/100 + 1) x 5 = 15

This can show how much aura effect is needed for each increase and the break points. Take Hatred for example, at level 21 it grants 19% more Cold Damage so for each 100/19 or 5.2% aura effect you get more cold damage from 21 Hatred. each number is rounded up. but you can figure out what the end result will be much like the Purity of Ice example. with 200% increased aura effect you get ((200/100 + 1) x 19) or 57% more Cold Damage from 21 Hatred with 200% increased aura the math is super simple with even number but if you have 329% increased aura effect like I do at the time of writing this a 21 Hatred would grant ((329/100 + 1) x 19) = 81.51 rounded down to 81% more Cold Damage

TLDR; Total Aura Benefit = (Increase Aura Effect / 100 + 1) x Base Aura Benefit and for each (100 / Base Aura Benefit) Increased Aura Effect you get + 1 to the Base Aura Benefit.


This build has a lot of balancing requirements, de-leveling some gems, certain corruptions and/or similar requirements to fit everything you need/want.


Alpha's Howl is really only obvious choice, +2 aoe/aura corrupts for damage, 90% reserved if needed/wanted. If you get +1 chain for arc the enchant is insane damage but not as much as +2 aoe/aura. Reduced reservation enchants for specific aura's is useful but not at much as the general 90% corruption. However if you get an enchant and a corruption its really good, but really expensive.

Body Armour

Shavronne's Wrapping is THE choice for Low life, If you prefer CI you can go Saqawal's Nest for the 10% reduced Mana Reserved or a High ES body armour with or without optimal influenced mods (such as explode)

Useful corruptions are plentiful but build dependant, +1 socketed gems is great for all builds as is % damage. +2 Duration works for all but if playing arc you need to be using a Vaal Arc gem for the duration tag. +2 Projectile is good for spark and ek. The tank corruptions all good, reduced damage taken, extra ES or reduced damage from crits.


Maligaro's Virtuosity allows for critical scaling without investment, 300% critical strike multiplier is a lot without any other investment, BIS corruption is Elemental Weakness on Hit. Other options are cast speed or +2 aoe/aura.

Maligaro's Virtuosity is not mandatory but one of the only ways to scale critical strike multiplier, if on a budget you want curse on hit or high ES you can, it wont ruin the build but will seriously lower the damage of the build.


High ES boots with movement speed (and aspect of the spider if you can fit it) are best in my opinion, Doryani's Delusion are solid starting boots though their price isn't really "budget" at the moment. Doryani's Delusion free up a gem socket which is nice and have enough ES with a little extra damage to spells.


Nebulis is where most of your damage comes from as it is the only source of increased damage, everything else is more damage so without Nebulis you will do a lot less damage. This is not negotiable and just buy any, then you want one that is close to 20 lightning / 20 cold, then you can worry about the implicit.

BIS implicits are enemies you kill explode and double damage for spells, both are very rare and very expensive.
Getting some useful implicits of cast speed, spell/elemental/lightning/cold damage, spell critical strike chance, flat damage to spells... the list goes on... are all worth spending a little on.


Prism Guardian is also the only choice unless CI, useful corruptions are either +2 aoe/aura or grants determination/discipline/grace if you need the spare sockets.

If CI you want a high ES rare with "Socketed Gems have 15% reduced Mana Reservation" if you can also get "10% increased effect of Non-Curse Auras from your Skills" that is a good damage increase.

If you are CI with enough reduced mana reservation (75%) you can actually use Prism Guardian and reserve 0% of your life.


You want 2 Call of the Brotherhood's, they double the damage from Nebulis (assuming 20 quality with turbulent catalyst) and are mandatory. Useful corruptions include grant Zealotry/Wrath/Hatred if you need the spare socket. Zealotry/Wrath/Hatred aura effect, cast speed or added damage to spells for damage.


Presence of Chayula is the budget option, I prefer it due to immunity to stun + good ES and chaos resist. Annointed with Champion of the Cause.

Most endgame builds have rares (preferably marble) with -mana reserved and either granted vitality or determination, getting +1 intelligence/lightning gems on it is massive damage and you can also get some flat or % ES on it.

I intend to play around with The Jinxed Juju at some point 15% increased effect of Non-Curse Auras from your Skills gives you 10-15% more damage and is arguably the highest damage amulet.


This build gets good use from Headhunter but most do.

Before Headhunter (if you go that path), a Stygian or Crystal with Strength (if you need it for determination) and ES is the way to go, there are a lot of useful damaging influenced mods if you plan on using it for your endgame belt.


Mandatory Auras are:

Purity of Ice
Purity of Lightning
Purity of Fire

And are easy enough to fit on all builds. Using Sub level 20's for Clarity/Precision is an option to make sure everything fits.

Mandatory semi Auras are:

Righteous Fire

Optional Auras are:

Herald of Ice
Herald of Thunder
Herald of Purity
Dread Banner
Aspect of the Spider
Aspect of the Avian
Aspect of the Cat

Heralds give good damage (purity only for physical spells like ethereal knives) and more aura effect if using the Purposeful Harbinger cluster notables.

Grace is good tank, running both grace and Determination will be hard to fit, if you have less than 300% aura effect I feel determination gives more tank, if you have more than 300% aura effect or are a scion grace gives more.

Dread Banner is good for a little bit of survivability (reduced accuracy for nearby) and its an extra aura for guardian ascendancy choices.

Aspects if you can fit them, I'd need to run the numbers but I believe spider is the most beneficial on POB but take what you can get.

Alternate Quality/Vaal:

Divergent Purity of Ice gives 4% (at 20 quality) cold penetration and aura effect works with it, so will give 12% cold penetration at 200% increased aura effect.

Divergent Precision gives 10% (at 20 quality) increased damage but 10% less area of effect and aura effect works with it, the loss of area of effect doesn't really matter. You notice it on RF and Smite but both are only there for buffs.

Anomalous Discipline gives 10% (at 20 quality) increased damage while at full energy shield and aura effect works with it, with your regen you will be at full more often than not.

Phantasmal Smite gives 5% (at 20 quality) increased cast/attack speed and aura effect works with it. This is a lot of cast speed and as such a lot of damage.

Divergent Zealotry 0.4% (at 20 quality) life regen and aura effect works with it

Anomalous Wrath give 5% (at 20 quality) wrath aura effect, only a small increase.

Vaal Haste is a really good use of vaal souls, the cast speed and movement speed buffs are really useful.

Divergent Righteous Fire gives 20% (at 20 quality) increased spell damage.

If you have 3 of the good alternate quality gems and have the room for it, Enhance can provide a lot of DPS.

Damage 6l Options

Arc (Vaal if you have a +2 Duration Corruption)
Spell Echo (Awakened)
Controlled Destruction (Awakened)
Hypothermia/Arcane Surge
Cold Pen (Awakened)
Inspiration (Anomalous)

Spell Echo (Awakened)
Controlled Destruction (Awakened)
Hypothermia/Arcane Surge
Cold Pen (Awakened)
Inspiration (Anomalous)

Ethereal Knives
Spell Echo (Awakened)
Controlled Destruction (Awakened)
Physical to Lightning Support (Anomalous)
Cold Pen (Awakened)
Inspiration (Anomalous)

EK also needs a Watchers Eye with While effected by Wrath, 40% of physical damage converted to lightning.

Putting Arcane Surge on your movement skill is better than on your 6l in my opinion.

Cluster Jewels

By Mid build you want 6 medium clusters by either 3 rare large rares or 2 voices, the 3rd large goes by acrobatics.

If you are running Heralds you want 2 Purposeful Harbringers and 4 First Among Equals/Replenishing Presence.

6 Passive Medium Clusters with:

25%/35% increased effect
Purposeful Harbringers/First Among Equals/Replenishing Presence

Strength (as needed to use the aura's you've chosen)
Chaos resistance (as needed to cap resistance)
Life Regen

Budget: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Heist/Dm0nvGgc5
Midgame: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Heist/Q20YODmHw
Endgame: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Heist/Wq0KllrCm

Remember that the suffix's also benefit from the increased effect so if you have 25%, the difference between 3 and 4 is actually 2 per node.

You can also use small clusters as I do, preferably 2 passive to save skill points, using the specific aura reduced reservations (Pure Guile, Pure Aptitude, Pure Might, Self-control, Uncompromising or Sublime Form (if using Grace))

If using rare larges instead of Voices

Budget: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Heist/0jDepb8Ug
Endgame: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Heist/ME0oXGyuJ

Only use the endgame if using 3 large rares instead of voices, in both cases id skip the top/middle notable.
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Can't wait to try it! Do you have a pob of what lvling looks like before the switch? Thanks!
Also, what would you use for large clusters until voices?
Mazvoca wrote:
Can't wait to try it! Do you have a pob of what lvling looks like before the switch? Thanks!

I stumbled before aurastacking meaning I did next to zero damage until getting started around lvl 70 if willing to spend the regrets, take any damage/life nodes you can and respec later

Mazvoca wrote:
Also, what would you use for large clusters until voices?

for budget any 8's, if you want to spend some money but replace them later, take Vengeful Commander and any 2nd notable passive.

if you WANT to spend money on them (or doing the 3x 8's version) Vengeful Commander, Snowstorm/Blanketed Snow and Widespread Destruction Disorienting Display/Doryani's Lesson

in both cases id skip the top/middle notable unless you have extra skill points you cant spend elsewhere (which is wrong as you can always take ES nodes) then get Vengeful Commander and Snowstorm/Blanketed Snow then path along the top spending 2 extra points.

ive updated the guide to include the rare large cluster information, but this is still very WIP
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Hello, really interesting build, can I ask you to share/create POB for CI version? I am more interested in defense :D
lampicka95 wrote:
Hello, really interesting build, can I ask you to share/create POB for CI version? I am more interested in defense :D

1. Take CI
2. Change Shavronne's Wrappings for Saqawal's Nest or an high ES Chest
3. Change Prism Guardian for a rare with the shaped or hunter reduced Mana Reservation mod
4. Finally switch out Presence of Chayula for anything (BIS is a reduced Mana Reserved with vitality to save gem space.)

You also dont need any chaos resist on clusters or anywhere else thanks to CI.

After all this you wont actually gain a lot of tank, CI vs Shavs/Lowlife.. CI has more restrictions for getting as many auras and most of your phys damage reduction comes from aura count.

However I was playing with POB for an idea for 3.13 assuming no aurastack changes is ci scion managed 400% increase aura effect https://pastebin.com/J6fmxk4z
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How much of the gear do you need to get the build going? Do you need the voices? I have a decent amount of currency and Id like to try it but Im worried I wont be able to pull it off.
Duxryu wrote:
How much of the gear do you need to get the build going? Do you need the voices? I have a decent amount of currency and Id like to try it but Im worried I wont be able to pull it off.

You can get this build going on a budget, you need all the uniques equipped (except the HH and shav's can be 5l skipping hypothermia), i started with 2 rare large cluster 8 passives without notables, can then get the 3rd pending skillpoints you available. you can also skip all unique jewels, adding when available without corruption and then as currency allows upgrade them or add them. You can achieve 200% inc aura effect with just the 2 rare larges clusters (and 4 medium 6 passive clusters)

My build is at a point that I kill A8 Sirus in final phase before the large beam before the 1st transition.

https://pastebin.com/9tuw3mfS is an example of budget gear
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I've been triying to setup this build for today, wasted already more than 50 ex, as jewels in standard are ultra expensive.
I'm lvl87 and still can't do a T2-3 map without diying, what i'm doing wrong? could you take a look at my character?
Damide wrote:
I've been triying to setup this build for today, wasted already more than 50 ex, as jewels in standard are ultra expensive.
I'm lvl87 and still can't do a T2-3 map without diying, what i'm doing wrong? could you take a look at my character?

this build doesnt work without aura effect, and with 1 4 passive aura medium you dont have enough. IMO you need 4-6 6 passive medium aura clusters and you are right even if rolling them yourself they are 8ex each https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Standard/yl7LeJqcR

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