3.12.4b Patch Notes

Well - they addressed 1 of the three reasons I quit the league 2 weeks ago. Glad they admitted you couldn't get a unique contract until level 83 areas. They should have just called that out up front.

Have any of the patches since 3.12.3 increased the frequency of caches in maps or the amount of markers that drop beyond 47-50 at a time?
Qrakatoa wrote:
Making 30ex per blueprint with the new brooch. T1 Duplicate + T1 Quantity. Crazy!


Meet 1 ex = 10c soon!

The currency drop table in GH's is borked.
Thats why ppllprint exalts there.

Wonder if GGG will hotfix regal orb drop asap. Urgently.
Please fix the health bug on whispering ice totem for next league, thanks. :)
Perception is reality.
32 days into the league and Heist still causing crashes.
Qrakatoa wrote:
Making 30ex per blueprint with the new brooch. T1 Duplicate + T1 Quantity. Crazy!

Wait, do you imply quantity on brooches boosts drop from chests too?
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Awesome patch tho!
Thanks GGG!

3ex for 30 min of gamesession..
Pity have to go!

the only thing i care is CRASH FIXES. still you did nothing about it.
I crash 2 times in 60 min. Im not kidding. FUck all the other changes FIX INSTA CRASHES ffs. get your shit together really. this should be NUMBER ONE priority

edit: the engineering stuff takes way more time than before, almost double...
again you made a new bug with bugfix patch ...
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I just want to say that this league is so awesome. I absolutely love random crashes for no reason. It is comforting :). Just doing a league mechanic, which just so happens to make all items in your inventory completely be gone if you leave the area, and to have it crash. It is a great feeling. I love it. I hope every league has as many crashes as this one. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Keep up the good work!
Wow cant keep connected for more then 30 sec after patch
Wow nice patch. GH stil only playable for youtubers/streamers that live splitting their blueprints cause we need to do 120 contracts per GH .

Really nice mechanic now the rich youtubers/streamers can be more rich.

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