[3.12] Ground Slam + CoS || Fast Mapping || Tanky || One Bonk boss || League Start


How does this work:
Call of Steel will instantly remove all impale on an Enemy and deal all damage been stored.

For example, if we take implaer and use Champion +2 last hit. This means our Call of steel Damage will be:
CoS Dmg = One Hit Dmg x ImpaleStored(17.7%) x 5 ImpaleStack x 7 LastHit

So, if we scale really hard with the One Hit Dmg, you could one shot majority of the boss even conqueror or Sirus.

Remember: for big boss because of Implaer, you only use this combo once per 4 sec. But for map clear we dont need to wait for 4 sec to kill packs.

So, these are the thing we need to scale our one hit Dmg:
1. Seismic Cry last hit
2. Intimidating cry
3. Poacher mark
4. Phase Run
5. Close Range Ground Slam
6. Use Call of Steel

Update POB and leveling


Unique Gear:

About Unique Body Armor:
- Crab armor (Immune to Bleed, High Armor, Fire/Lightening Resis)
- Loreweaver (78% resis, fix attribute, flat phy so more dmg)

Other Rare:
1. Cap your resistance
2. Flat phy to attack
3. High life
3. Chaos resis

Gem Link:



If you chaos resis is not enough, dont use Forbidden Taste

Pantheon: Choose what you like
Bandit: Kill all
Anointment: Measured Fury

You should use 2-handed first before you go for unarmed

Mana Issue

get 2 "-9 mana cost" on ring thus you dont need mana leech.
Before that you can get one on ring

Why Facebreaker

Facebreaker are pretty easy to scale and attack faster, you just need tons of flat phy and it can deal tons of dmg. Also new Poacher Mark give us flat phy as well

Why Non-Crit
If you build around crit, that require you tons of investment. I do have staff crit version and I think if it crit you can one shot sirus. But in general we lost a lot of defense.

And we only doing this combo once per 4 sec, so if it doesnt crit, is pretty meh.

How do we calculate CoS one hit

1: Hit Damage without Warcry
you select all your buff and check your Base Damage with all the modifier.

As you can see from above, POB will list all the modifire for us, so you need to remove double dmg, fist of war and exerted attack by ourself from More/Less because that also calculated the uptime.

So:Total Damage x all modifier except those 3

2: Warcry multifier

From here, we could just use all your Max 1-Hit impact that POB add for you.
So x 2.47 x 2 x 2.5

3: Impale Calculation

Remember the Call of Steel dmg formula :
CoS dmg = Hit Dmg x ImpaleStore% x PhysicalReduction x 5(Stack) x LastHit(7/9 with jewel) x 1.5(CoS jewel)

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Nice build, but the POB its not working, 404 :(. Wanna try the build, could you update it? Thx and good work
a video of mapping?
ok i just saw the link,kinda hidden lol
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norxe wrote:
a video of mapping?

refresh, you could use blood rage to swap Increase Duration for more speed
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looks nice,im playing a similar build but i just dont do that much dmg to bosses:/ i might try this one
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Hi, how can i add your hastebin in my POB Fork please ?
bagglebane wrote:
Hi, how can i add your hastebin in my POB Fork please ?

pastebin are not working right now, you copy the code inside and import the build
I got a question for you ! We need to leveling all the gems lvl 20/21 ? Its not specified in your post.
bagglebane wrote:
I got a question for you ! We need to leveling all the gems lvl 20/21 ? Its not specified in your post.

no, if you want min-max maybe and change some of the tree
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love you ,baby

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