3.12.4 Patch Notes

I really hope these delayed 'enabled questlines' are this way this league because of polishing, and not delayed releases to bait people to play longer if they want to do all the content. I dislike that style of content releases in MMOs, and is a large contributor to why I don't play many anymore.
any chance GGG is working on performance issues with heist, kinda sick of dropping to 1 fps constantly during a map while running around at over 100fps
Jagaimo wrote:
Finally can do the endgame league content by engaging with the league content.

nope. contracts not dropping from heist in this patch.
Reduced the impact damage of Senior Necroscientists' and Auto-Enforcer's Orb projectile skills.

Only took 1 month.
Thanks for the hard work !
could u look into GC mines Knockback? sometimes the monsters turn around and i dont knock them back they come near and f... hit me.
Fixed a bug where Divergent Flameblast's Less Cast Speed effect was not displayed.

May I request an explanation? In the original post below...


we clearly see under flameblast additional stage version that there is no mention of less cast speed. May I ask when this was a bug and not a balance check?
Can we have an Elemental Equilibrium timer as well?
Thanks But honestly this league is just as boring as Harvest and less rewarding. Thanks for the fixes though now i can hit 36 and be done. Stay safe <3

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