I don't know what to do anymore. I have a ps4 account and I can't even finish my last labyrinth because I crash every time I try. And once I run out of currency to get in to the last one I'm screwed. I've reached a brick wall with this game, and about to give up on it. And since I can't switch to a different platform I kind of want a refund on the supporter packs I just bought. Is this an option?

How's your performance, now, after the very last patch?

What about your connection?

You should be hardlined straight to your network, not playing through your console's wifi capability.

PS4 should, IIRC, have its own utility for checking connection quality. (I have one, it's just not hooked up, so I can't check atm.) Have you run it and what does it have to say?

What's the bandwidth situation over-all with your network and general connectivity experience? (Are there many devices connected, other users, etc?)

What sort of bandwidth/service plan do you have?

What host are you connecting to? (Region)

PoE requires a very good, very clean and stable, connection. If you have any common connection issues, you'll experience bad performance in PoE. There's no such thing as having stable PoE play with a connection that has any technical issues. It is possible, with some troubleshooting, to identify and fix certain issues and to be able to give appropriate information to one's ISP if they need to get involved to give you the serviceable connection your household is paying for.
Crashed on my last ascendancy encounter great work what a joke this is
Hahahaha triete li be lainarcheta da vi sera na ymrqlata igra I v ystencata pederascheta gurbavi
Crashing less, but freezing and losing all frame rates for extended periods of time. Just ate a death to repeated freezes. Survived several 5 second pauses but it's hard to keep that streak up. This is Blight all over again. A fun concept, ruined by poor execution.

I can honestly say I've stopped holding out any hope of quality gameplay this season. Another season I'm not spending cash again. I wonder if these flops are killing your bottom line yet, console wise. Maybe spend more money on coders? Something, because the current formula just ain't cutting it.

PS. Console users are absolutely enraged by these constant slip ups. Your PR with us is non-existent.

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