The Temple Armour Set and Wings - Big Sale on Skill Effects This Weekend

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By far the best non-lootbox/supporterpack-skin ever. I really like that its not flashy at all, the perfect mix of Sin and Innocence + Wasteland Armour.

Keep it up!
RGMayhem wrote:
I know I am part of the 'no supporter packs, not allowed to comment on anything' deal,

What? That's like saying you have to buy a painting to comment on it.

I generally assume anyone who plays the game any amount has dropped some money or gone completely insane trying to manage their inventory and is now locked up in a padded cell somewhere.
love the wings, love anything shiny really.
Fuck yo sales, fix the goddam league first
Nice armour set!i want that hard now...(
Jerle wrote:
Poor league execution will affect interest in new mtx. I understand these mtx were developed on a parallel track as the rest of the league content, but given the state of heist im not sure if anyone is in the mood for mtx.

This is true, also the supporter pack design this league is extremely underwhelming. league is not good so theres no motivation to spend money on mtx
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