The Temple Armour Set and Wings - Big Sale on Skill Effects This Weekend

I actually like it alot, but not $42 (420 token) like it.... and that's when its already on sale.........

Drop it to $10-15 (100-150 tokens) and i'd buy it.

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Beautiful Art work in this one. Simple, clean and easy on the eyes. Wonderful job. <3
Clean, a bit dark and rusty but polished, i love the armor ^^.
Id love to wear those mtx... know... in grand heists that are still crashing randomly.

Fix your release and patch policy and we might talk about me supporting you again.

This league realy damaged your reputation even more than the botched awakener release cycle. And i did not think this was possible.

So...have a nice day.

Nice Armourset!
Another Weekend not being able to play the actual Content of this game: Heists! :(
Man, they are digging deeper and deeper....And I mean the grave they throw PoE in atm. A shame I have to see the game in such a state, always talked so positive about it.
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Another weekend playing standard league.. ops i mean heist league.. and no free twilight boxes either.

GGG adapting to that Tencent chinese way of treating their costumers and people like crap
Temple Armour set looks amazing! I really like the contrast between dark cloth and shining metallic parts. Great job mtx team.
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Still waiting for a ground slam/ dual strike/ dominating blow.... MTX. Some of the oldest skills in game have no mtx, while new got already several different?

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