New Temple Microtransactions - Character Effect, Lancing Steel Effect and Shattering Steel Effect

Nice MTXs!

I do hope a MTX for Consecrated Path comes out sometime.
Sweet, still have to roll a steel character this league
Coffee & Cigarettes
stop making new effect and update the heist first thx
this steel effct is so cool


why don't have splitting steel effect ?

BearCares wrote:

why are u counting the fragments? You load your gun, then you attack, and then you reload it. It's just timing.

just just just
No, it's not just and easy in action
You lose your dps when you don't have any fragments; you need to make 12 attacks and then press the explosion button(call of steel), this is very inconvenient, because you need to monitor the number of remaining fragments to achieve maximum effect. And it doesn't happen immediately because it takes time, as if used warcry.
[Removed by Support]
Nice, at least they are more obvious then. An then you can actually see the travel distance on shattering steel is bugged. :D
hoping for something more colorful next time, but these look nice for people more tasteful than i am
Why 2 steel skill, but not the third ?
Poor Splitting Steel...
No splitting steel....

Anyway, i want the steel skills to introduce an mtx that throws giant swords and not little sparks on my screen. There's 93456 enemies in the screen at any time, i want to see my shards rip throught them.

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