Designed in light colours with mystic symbols, the Temple Character Effect, Lancing Steel Effect and Shattering Steel Effect introduce new options for customising the look and skill effects of your Exiles. Watch the videos below, or click here to check them out in the store.

For a matching outfit, try out the Miracle Armour Set and Miracle Wings. Complete the look with the recently released Temple Weapon Skin and Weapon Effect.

Thanks so much for your continued support!
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Oof. Ate my word on that previous temple MTX post.
Fancy colors, flashing lights. When are the heist fixes coming?
What is the armor skin used in the lancing/shattering steel demos?
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Looks good
nty, steel effects require too much management..

I need to know how many shards are left (in the upper left part of the screen) and how much mana is left in the lower right part of the screen. Because it is not supported by multistrike. I was just tired while playing this skill(shatter steel).
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First character effect that I’m actually interested in in awhile.
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Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
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should have looked like that by default honestly

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