3.12.2 Hotfix 3

Please do something about the terrible framerates and Vulkan bugs some of us are experiencing.
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Just got kicked to desktop during an escape and lost the 6L unique chest I found.. 3rd crash in like 20 heists
shiftnative wrote:
Just got kicked to desktop during an escape and lost the 6L unique chest I found.. 3rd crash in like 20 heists

Heist working as intended lol
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Seems this patch or the patch after this one broke my game and a few other peoples in the bug reporting section, game is crashing every 30 seconds to 5 minutes at complete random.
it still CRASHING... man, i spend days farmim to create a very fun char to make heist, and the game just dont stop crashing (only on heist). i'm really enjoying this league but i already did lost so much time and currency on this crashs that i'm tilted and frustrated. i wanna play man is so fun, but I CAAAANT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Just CDT`ed escaping a Heist..

Hoped its now work, so gone to experience league content more.
Even switched from fleme dash to just Dash. In hope its prevent crashes.
Not helped.

Waiting for more fixes then..

But wait.. its progress now!
Its now happened on 3rd contract.
Before this - it were on second.

Maps are still fine and delve cool. Stable. No troubles there.
Except maps drops (Launching t12, it drops t10 on full clear, launching then t10, it drops t7, and this is with 127 atlas bonus.. usual thing now?)

It seems will be mapping tomorrow and delving. Waiting for at last league is working. Keep up a good one!
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I now disconnect/crash to desktop every half hour or so. Didn't used to before. As of this hotfix.

EDIT: Just confirmed, I can't even map anymore. I crash to desktop almost right away now.

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league of bug. Unlucky.
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What about a fix for the awful rewards in heists? I literally just did a heist where I got 2 Large chests and 2 Small chests?


I didn't even reach half Alert Level and there are no other chests...

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