3.12.2 Hotfix 3

problem persists here!
I literally did not have this problem un till this patch now I have a 75% chance to crash to desktop while escaping
"GGG's most anticipated league yet"... happens to be one of the most untested piles ever. Faith in GGG producing quality products has been dropping steadily ever since Delirium. Harvest was at least enjoyable from a crafting perspective, as its the first time we've had actual crafting instead of gambling... but other then that, there were tons of bugs with the Oshabi fight and a lot of people despised the garden micromanagement.

Oh well, time to move on I suspect. Flew too close to the sun, and now the game has lost its ability to function as a game.
If only I could have more than 10fps. But hey. At least you guys nerfed the loot for when I don't die from mobs spawning and the screen freezing.
Quintessence wrote:
Alert levels seem awfully high now...

This is what you get when GGG listen to brainless people that just want free loot without putting any effort in it.

League mechanics WERE PERFECTLY FINE on launch day, just fixing the bug would've been enough, but once again,GGG had to kill the fun for random reddit ppl bitching about everything.

clap clap clap GGG, really.

Let's just hope Poe 2 will not be a clusterfuck of bugs as leagues are atm.
Crashing every 3-5 maps currently since the patch was deployed. Previous only crashed in heists maybe one in 10.

Straight to desktop with no crash report or error
these comments are hilarious. so salty.

Nice work GGG, had many problems in first days but it got far better.

Keep it up
Jesus chris(t). which "hotfix" broke karst his ability? taking 4/5times the alert on opening boxes right now can't find anything about it in any patch notes?
Hi! i'm high right now and who are you?
woke up, i had high opes that i can finish a heist, no, at the end i crashed, another day no heist for me.
Please no need for devs to lie to us, still crashing 4+ times in one hour x))))

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