PlayStation 4 and the Common Client Crash

EDIT: This issue has since been resolved.

For the last few months, there has been a crash occurring with the PlayStation 4 version of Path of Exile. This bug is unfortunately notoriously difficult to track down, as the crash information contains nothing useful for us to investigate. We have been temporarily disabling and refactoring various renderer systems in an attempt to isolate the bug, but have not been successful so far.

Heist comes out tomorrow, and unfortunately this crash is still present. We have our top renderer engineer working on a fix and we will get that deployed as soon as humanly possible. We are very sorry about both the inconvenience that this bug has caused and will cause for the start of the Heist league before it is fixed. We will post more information once we have isolated and solved the problem.
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Thank you.
Wow just wow you guys are literally taking the piss now....
everytime something
Least you could do is allow players to get back in heist after crash
No chance to come back to heist while you know about all this unavoidable crashes ? Yes, a believe you, doing everything for players on consoles lol
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Thanks Jeff. I like PoE enough to put up with the crashes and hopefully they're gonna be dealt with. But I really hope I don't crash when I'm about to exit a Heist with anything valuable!
hardcore casual.

Playing PoE for years and having fun despite GGG.
Please make it so we can re enter heists if you crash. We NEED this on console especially. Please please make it happen. I don’t want to hate this league because it looks and sounds so fun.
Nice to know you guys actually hear us. This crash makes the game experience pretty bad. I had a couple of friends join the game last league only to hear them complain about the constant crashes...

I hope you can fix this soon as the league mechanics make the crash even worse.

We are all counting on you renderer engineer!!
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Thank you Jeff. Atleast we know there is still hope. I love this game and play every league. I've played on pc and console even with all the crashes on ps4 i still prefer ps4. love the layed back feeling of controllerand all my friends play on ps4.but harvest was extremely rough. Best of luck renderer engineer.
Thanks for searching. Also, i can guarantee a crash for everyone viewing chat when i link a Powerful Chaotic Resonator in chat. Reproducable 100% of the time. Thats a ton of people all crashing at once just from me or anyone else linking that item. Hopefully when you find whatever is causing that to guarantee a crash, you will also find the short term memory cache leak that is causing the game to crash on ps4.

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