Our intention was to release an experimental copy of the macOS Path of Exile client around a week ago, so that community members could test it before its official release tomorrow alongside Heist. A series of last-minute unexpected technical problems meant that we only had this client distributable today. Our new plan is to release this experimental client immediately for feedback from adventurous macOS users, and to officially release on Mac in around a week.

We have put together a macOS version of 3.11.2 (which does not include any Heist content) and have released an installer .dmg file here for Mac users to test. This version will update to and work with Heist tomorrow.

To install it, download and open the .dmg file. Drag the Path of Exile folder into your Applications folder, then launch Path of Exile from within there. It will patch in a full download of the game. Note that you can't copy your Content.ggpk file from a PC to speed it up, and you shouldn't try to use the Content.ggpk from the PC torrent that we'll be releasing today.

Update: So we kind of failed when making the installer. We're going to fix this over the next week, but there's a small manual workaround you can do in the meantime to avoid the "Invalid Installation" error. Once PoE is installed from the .dmg file, you need to open a terminal and run the following command:

xattr -c /Applications/Path\ of\ Exile/Path\ of\ Exile.app

(If you were one of the very first users to test this and you still have problems, or if the client says it is the wrong version when you log in, you'll need to delete your Content.ggpk file and patch again. We made a change that invalidated the old download, sorry! This shouldn't affect many people at all).

This version may be buggy and still has a few things we want to fix, so we recommend not playing it with your hardcore characters!

The macOS version plays on the same servers as the PC version and uses the same accounts/characters/microtransactions/etc. There's no problem switching back and forth between mac and PC as you wish. This experimental 3.11.2 version will patch itself to Heist tomorrow.

We are maintaining a Known Issues list for the macOS version here.

Please post any issues you encounter in the bug reports forum (preferably with "Mac" in the subject).

Edit: I have merged the previous edits into the main body of the text.
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Grinding Gear Games
Well, ill test it on my mac right now, hopefully it works out
new patch torrent when ?
"Path of Exile's engine is currently modern, lean and fast." - Chris Wilson, September 19th, 2019
Deacont wrote:
new patch torrent when ?

end of their business day as usual
I love my Mac (laptop), but not for gaming, and not while staying home most of the time because of Covid.

PC desktop all the way these days. I'll be glad there is a Mac version when I'm business travelling in 2022 though, I suppose, although most in my industry agree most business travel will never be the same (because it was so unnecessary in the first place)...
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Note that this requires macOS 10.15, or so my ancient MBP tells me.
GL Mac Brothers hope u won't lag ♥
Just tried it and wasn't able to start it after copying it over to /Applications. An alert pops up saying "Invalid installation".
Running on 10.15.6 and it gives me Invalid Installation. hmm

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