[3.12] Anton's Poison blade vortex | cheap, fast, tanky, all content, easy, NO POB CHEAT

Hello guys ! I started a little late and I really liked this build !

About the people who wonder how to level up fast... The most OP poison skill for me is Cobra Lash with volley support, and 2 random claws in a tabula till level 40 while focusing only on offence. The clear speed is too fast with CL, and we use the same support gems with BladeVortex. Also I used lesser poison support and swapped to poison support after that untill I get enough chance to poison from passives in order to have as much as I could close to 100%. I combined that with a faster attack and my only Aura was Haste and I was spamming mana potions all the way... haha... The dmg was more than enough and nothing really touches you...

I just swapped to BladeVortex in level 40 and have all the proper 6L as the guide says now ! Thats when I got unleash support gem and will continue like this from now on while trying to manage my defence for higher areas... Cheers !
Hello fellow bv's 🙂

This is My second serious season ever and i choose this build to start off with and it's alot of fun! Feels like i can min/max alot more seeing the stats on aantons pob, so if someone can give me any suggestions on something i can change on the Gear/tree to get a better exile it would be greatly appreciated 🙂

Here is my pob https://pastebin.com/J4MuNAQx

hi guys. this build feels really good but im struggling with high level bosses.
any suggestions where to get more tankiness/dmg from?
i can't see where the 10x dmg comes from compared to Aantons build :/
even if i uncheck the cluster jewels in pob its alot more poison dmg per second.
i'm planning to change to asenath gloves but these are too expensive for me atm.

here is my current equip:
Hello, I would like to try out your build, but when I look at POB you have 100% mana reserved. Should I ditch some aura? If so, which one?
You don't need mana to cast. With Eldrich Battery u use Energy Shield as mana pool for skills.
I just rolled this build with minimum currency... And holy shit this build is so strong. Can do all content with ease without even sweat. Thanks a lot for that guide!
Yp, anything im doing wrong? My dps is lacking A LOT compared to your guide? https://pastebin.com/cPcE6psw
I have dropped today headhunter. I assumie it's much better than rare stygian?
I'm using this guide also and having wrecked by bosses in higher level... not sure what's wrong but if someone can give tips if regarding the build here's my POB link:



FYI - it's hard to look for the jewels with %maximum life + chaos overtime so i'm using the cheaper one for now.
Hey, thinking of playing this build. Just want to know how it handles delerium. Thank you!

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