[3.13](MS NERF) Anton's Poison blade vortex | cheap, fast, tanky, all content, easy


I am assuming you know Path Of Building and using community version https://github.com/Openarl/PathOfBuilding/releases

Please if you find anything comment about it. we can look for a fix about that. Always apreciate imporvements and feedback.



I created levelling tree for early game pob. check them for better levelling experience. and check all guide if you are not that experienced with this archetype. read all guide some parts inlude curitual information to make your gaming smoother.



This version is to make this build much more expensive if you want to invest. But I don't think I will come to this stage. I mostly prefer trying 20-30 builds per league so I can see what can be done for other builds. damage is 5 milliyon more and EHP is almost doubled in this version. so keep it in mind. I also reduced withered stacks from 15 to 7 for this version :)


DR224 wrote:
made a gameplay of this build

DR224 wrote:
made another vid
A8 Sirus kill

3.12 update:

New replica mistwall is so good. we will go for replica mistwall instead of normal mistwall. this is much more big defence.

if we use replica mistwall we can have 75% spell avoidance too that makes 65sdodge + ((35 * 75block)/ 100) = 91.25 spell avoidance. and we have 60evade + ((40 * 75adodge)/100) = 90 attack avoidance. that makes much more easy to go trough.
If we use normal mistwall we only have 65 spell avoidance and 96.25 attack avoidance so that makes it bad for spell defences.

For Asenath glovez you can get a vorrupted glove with temp chains curse effect instead. Because asenath is so expensive just using a corrupted glove is okay. And use glesh and stone instead of aspect of spider update. Thisnwill help a lot as I experimented. So just look at my profile. Those must be good to go. I am just missing clusters and thread of hope.

Where my char is at right now.

Awakener 8 sirus
100% delirius t17 juiced map
atlas completion 154/154 both awakening and objective bonus
Atziri, uber atziri , elder, shaper, uber elder
All elder guardians
All shaper guardians
delve ~600 aul


Strengths and Weaknesses of the build



-Realy Cheap(40-50c investment for 2 to 3 million shaper dps)

-All Content So easily

-Fast Clear(10ex investment for half zoom-zoom)


-DOT Type can feel slow but it is not
-Phys reflect can be problem but you can deal with it.


Awakening 8 less recovery 60% becomes 82% at max If I remember correct. This is bad and you realy need to be carefull. nit recommended.

Unlucky dodge + beyond. When Haast spawns you will see what I mean.

Unlucky dodge + less recovery + beyond. You cannot win this just reroll map etc.

In general try to avoid unlucky dodge in end game maps and delirium maps. Less recovery is not problem until end game because it is moderable 50% etc. end end game is 82% you cannot even use bv

Levelling, pantheons, bandits, ascendancy order:

For leveling just get all gems you can when you are in that point of game.
I dont recommend blade vortex until you get unleash. Instead use another physical spell like bladefall or ethereal knives. once you get unleash you are ready to go boom boom.

Leveling Skill Tree Screen Shots:

Ascendancy order:

1-Noxious Strike
2-Toxic Delivery

When you get Blood aquaducts, farm tabula rasa that is great damage.

Bandit Quest Rewards: Kill All/take 2 passive points


Minor god:

Major god:

Gearing and stat priorities:


This covers most of the gear info but if you want to see end game gearing options in once see Endgame gearing section.

get TABULA RASA first

Weapon and shield:

Get any wand or rune dagger until you get this Bino's kitchen knife

If possible get a corrupted one with gain powercharge on crit. this is best corruption for this build. and you dont need to change this item for boss killing etc. our damage is perfectly viable for any boss.

For shield get any life/res shield you can until you can afford Mistwall

Boots, rings and belt:

Get a boot with Life and movement speed like this

cannot be frozen is not needed until you upgrade your all flasks. if you upgraded your all flasks you will need cannot be frozen craft. dont forget. this update is only for end end game. if you still cannot afford this craft just go for dream fragments ring other ring can be a ring that gives life/res/attiribute for early game. for most end game ring you will need rings like

this is a good upgrade for other rare ring. get Life/res and aspect of spider. remember these are late game rings and not needed for early game. you can even kill sirus without these.

For belt you can just go a styg vise with life and resist for example:

And get life and resis from abyss jewel inside of it. this is so good.


Get an amulet with life/resist until you get

this will allow us to run aspect of spider or skittering bots. this is a big power upgrade for build. but if you dont have money no problem just get a rare amulet with life and resist.

Chest armor and gloves:

Your can go wit an amulet that only has life and resist. if you want to upgrade you should go first Embalmer Mits and for late game upgrade you will need a chest piece that is called cospri's will this will allow us to have double curse and this chest is so cheap like one of the cheapest ones normaly. but I cannot predict future so dont get expectations.

when you get cospris's will you will want to get

Mostly you will want to make these both upgrades at once so plan yourself for this. this is ultra lux upgrade and you wont need this. this is not required to kill any end game bosses but just to get ultra defensive and to get realy good offensive damage output.


At first you will only need life/es/res helmet and you will need to upgrade for end game. get a devouring diadem


--Increased Maximum Life(must have)

--Chaos Damage Overtime Multiplier
--Increased Chaos Damage
--Increased Damage Overtime



An important look on how you should progress from cheap to expensive build:

After finishing acts and progressing trough atlas you will want to progress faster. so you will need bino's kitchen knife first.
and try to look for mistwall this is a big defensive layer and you will get realy tanky almost not gonna take damage from attacks.
after this try to look for 2xMight of the meek crimsom jewel this will greately increase our life pool and some attiributes that we will need in order to use some items.

after you get these you will want to go rare cluster jewels that are mentioned guide and showed in endgame POB. and also rare life and chaos dot jewels are good to go at this stage.

most important stage is this. You will want to get cospri's will and asenath's gentle touch at the same time due to curse limit. this will give us so much defansive layers and temporal chains curse and naturaly this increased our damage. And explosion goes brrrrr.

at this point getting chaos impresence and devouring diadem is crucial to upgrade build further. you should get at least level 3 enlighten or strongly recommended level 4 enlighten when you get chaos impresence and devouring diadem. this will allow you to have one extra place for an extra aura and that gives alot of layers to character that is aspect of spider.

After this stage you should go for rest of the build and kill everythong smoothly in UwU face

Body equipments for endgame:

useful info to understand what to look for:

For weapon look for chance to gain power charge on crit

for helmet look for increased duration of ailments while focused this is so big. you can get up to 140% increased ailment duration while you are focused. for 4 second. every 12 seconds. this is realy big damage.

For circle of nostalgia look for increased chaos damage while affected by herald of agony and increased herald of agony buff effect/reduced mana reservation

for amulet anoint just go for dirty techniques. best in slot for now.

THese are mandatory for late end game. as unique items. other body equipments will be rare and will provide Life and resistance.

End game flasks:

these are good enough. for damage and sustain.

End game jewels:


Alternate Gem Quality Good Options:

*Malevolance- Alternate Quality 1/You and nearby allies have 10% increased damage with ailments
*Withering Step - Alternate Quality 1/Inflicts 2 Withered Debuffs the first time each Enemy enters the Area
*Plague Bearer- Alternate Quality 1/You have 10% Movement Speed while Infecting
*Herald Of Agony-Alternate Quality 1 Minions deal 40% less Damage
Agony Crawler has 20% chance to inflict Withered for 2 seconds on Hit
*Summon Skitterbots- Alternate Quality 2/Minions have 10% increased Effect of non-Damaging Ailments on Enemies
*Cast When Damage Taken Support-Alternate Quality 1-Supported Skills have 20% increased Skill Effect Duration

Extras and faq:

There is other guides out there with much more in depth information. What is the point of this build?
This build is just a simplistic look over other guides. After someone wrote comment about other existing guides I checked them and liked This build. If you want more in depth guide about poison bv go check that guide. This guide is just simple and ready to go version.
Isn't wind dancer good for defences?
It is good but we do not stack evasion that much so we dodge or block and that makes a hit. we dont get too much benefit from 20 less damage sadly.
Alternatives to gloves?
Grab any glove with temporal chains corrupt. with some life. should work until you get asenath. Get flesh end stone until you get asenath when you get asenath just use aspect of spider instead of flesh and stone.



Stil sane,Exile?

Credits to LiftingNerdBro for the Layout!
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great guide, can starter league
Hello, I'm planning to do a Poison / Bleed character as a stater. I had to choose between Bow Bleed Glad, Pathfinder Attack Poison or BV Assasin and now my question because there are the most topics about BV and how is yours different from the other 2-3 Poison BV topics?
loczek123 wrote:
Hello, I'm planning to do a Poison / Bleed character as a stater. I had to choose between Bow Bleed Glad, Pathfinder Attack Poison or BV Assasin and now my question because there are the most topics about BV and how is yours different from the other 2-3 Poison BV topics?

I actually don't know. I did this build in delirium from scratch. Haven't checked other's guides. Nechanics of this build is so fun just I walk and packs go boom. Additionally I just like shadow overall. Can you pls refer to builds that look like this? I would like to look at them and improve this version.
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Thanks for providing a guide!

My question is why you chose Mistwall over Cold Iron Point Dagger? A choice of more sustain and tankyness?

wts the point of this guide? there are far more indepth BV posion ones and it dosent seem to changed anything form those.
I like the simplicity of this guide! :D
Get the basics offered and make your own thing out of it. Thanks dude! Will be my starter this one
SoulRus wrote:
wts the point of this guide? there are far more indepth BV posion ones and it dosent seem to changed anything form those.

As others have stated this build looks very similar to other poison bv builds. They thought and created before me. I didnt even know. This guide is just much more simplistic look of them. But their build is completely viable too. Anyways I hope you liked my guide in general.
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Dypr4x wrote:
Thanks for providing a guide!

My question is why you chose Mistwall over Cold Iron Point Dagger? A choice of more sustain and tankyness?


We need defensive layers. We already have damage to handle all game without a damage weapon. You can swap cold iron point with binos kitchen while fighting big bosses but we simply don't need. Mistwall is actually very needy for late endgame to survive overhaul of screen clutter. Thank you for comment.
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