Heist Challenge Rewards

Really liked the portal, Ty
Another season without worrying about challenges, and I'm totally ok with it.
Not since prophecy have I had to care about challenges, glad you brought a fun pet back to the mix.
finally a league that i wont feel bad about not getting the rewards \o/
The helmets are a lot better than blight and legion, cool.
But the cat makes no sense to me. Put it in a mystery box and throw all the cat lovers into bankruptcy. Give us a weapon or an aura effect instead.
Finally, a pet worthy of going all in on! The portal is neat, but nobody's got the time or sanity to waste on getting that many challenges done. Should really reconsider how many need to be finished to get these rewards.
I'm still a little salty about not getting the Delirium portals as a reward.
Yup, not bothering with challenges... Portal hidden behind 36 again, which I can blindly guess will be a pain to get.

Also stop with those stupid helmets/helmet attachments already, it's always helmets for challenges, helmets for watching Twitch...

Reward ppl with some boots or cheap weapon effect. I wouldn't even mind a stupid hideout thing instead of damn helmets...
well not for me I suppose, I hope those that like pets enjoy the cat.

edit: also why are you constantly giving helms? don't you have better rewards devs?
Turning players into payers.

Imagine making excuses for a billion dollar company that will never recognize you as anything else but a future open wallet.

Chapter: XVIII.
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LemonkaFC wrote:
will be w8ing for
12 - Pet Skin from Current League
24 - Wings or Portal Skin of Current League
36 - Full Set Skin of Current League
40 - Weapon Skin or Gem Skin + Any Hide Out Skin of Current League

yeh yeh, seems ok, for a 5 challange guy

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