Heist Challenge Rewards

Wow, 3 helmet ! this portal looks nice, the cat too, very generous ty
Hopefully you guys put more effort into the league mechanic than the challenge rewards, but I'll give you guys the benefit of the doubt, delirium had shiet rewards, and was one of the best leagues to date.
Oh well, even if the league is no good I'm doing those challenges because the cat pet is 10/10.

You son of a b*tch, I'm in.

Tyrs Paladium - DoT Enthusiast.
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I like the metal helmet. I think it could match the color scheme of Judicator armour (i hate the golden mask) an maybe Divine Benevolence armour (less flashy lines = better). Nice to have something useful at only 12 challenges.
the cat! the cat! the cat!
gotta push to complete 24 challanges :)
only sad thing is that we get only 1 cat, not 2 :(
So much for my plan to take it easy and only go for 24 Challenges.. there’s a Portal again. 😔🤦🏻‍♂️
IGN: Golem_Antsy, Harvest
I need this cat!!
Its amazing!
Excellent selection of awards. Affordable and useful pack of helmets for beginners. An ugly cat, so it doesn't hurt those who don't want to grind. And an even uglier portal with a slight touch of elitism.

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