Heist Challenge Rewards

Aaaaa Gu Gu Ga ga !!!
i absolutely love those rewards.

and i can absolutely not understand that i can't get those by supporting the game.

age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill
Pelo amor de santo Deus, que mundo é esse que isso é massa haha
Parabens galera belo premio era melhor da um alchy pra cada
I dont get the hype for the cat, Im not using pets because they are annoying for me. And those helmets and portal looks not that good either.
Not bad, the "Heist" mask pack is a clever play.

I really hope that pet is called the "Meowstermind".
3 helms for 12 is very nice and the Cat is amazing haha. Thanks guys!
I like helmets
cat and portal are quite unique

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