Exalted Weapon effect is broken after last patch

Video how it looks now

Original effect: video
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Can add my voice for having this fixed. Not sure why it was changed seeing as Divine wasn't but I find it unacceptable that it's change this much from it's original appearance.

How it looks on my end:



Compared to Divine that looked the same besides coloring:

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Another video in addition to my one posted above comparing it against the Divine effect:


In total I would say there are four main issues with this new version:

1) Not applying to the whole weapon properly for some skins
2) Looking just completely wrong on two handers (see above)
3) Colour has changed.
4) It has a weird pulsing effect (might be an interaction with bloom I can't quite tell).

I do hope this is just a bug, but if it's not I wonder if GGG would consider giving us two versions of the effect so that we can still use the original one. Reducing bloom doesn't seem like a reason to completely change an effect. It was not even that bad since the bloom slider was added.

Ultimately whether the new one is better or worse is subjective, but the point is this isn't the version the people that actually purchased it had decided they liked. I do recall Chris saying in the past that they were against changing MTX for this reason, so fingers crossed this gets resolved soon.
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Thank you for the reports, we'll look into it.

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