Exalted Weapon effect is broken after last patch

Thank you for the reports, we'll look into it.
Erelus wrote:
Thanks for the improvements in todays patch, it's not quite as bad now on two handers but it still looks way off compared to the original. In particular:

Sometimes it has bad looking green parts:

On staves in particular it looks very thin compared to before, more like the Radiant effect than the Exalted one:

I wonder if it would be possible to just give the owners of this effect a legacy and updated version so we can pick the one we prefer? I really liked the old one and this whole ordeal seems quite unnecessary.


The difference in this effects appearance is due to the changing of our Bloom system.
We've tweaked the effect to look more like the previous version, even on low levels of bloom.
Increasing the bloom slider will make it look more like the original one.

However, for that first picture you posted, that is mostly due to the weapon effect being applied to a weapon skin. Individual weapon skins can have their own standalone problems with various weapon effects. I'll raise an issue to get that adjusted.

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