3.11.2 Hotfix

Under Ubuntu 20.04:


So far is:

* Working without any flaws.
* Seeing high frames per second (>90)
* No lag
* Ultra smooth play
TheRealSkoal wrote:
PhoenixSavant wrote:
Tuumahaara wrote:
You patch made the game MUCH WORSE for majority of players. I'm in 3 different globals and everyone are complaining about FPS issues getting even worse, game crashings and all sorts of issues.. I have RTX graphics card, and even my FPS dropped drastically worse... This patch was supposed to make some things work way smoother, but you just made it WAAAAAY worse for most people, me included. You can see that very clearly, if you go see what players have to say about this. Please fix this, as your patch just made this more worse than good... It has gone so much worse that I'm now playing Guild Wars 2 until things get better again here.

Adding my voice to the line up of those who can't even open the game, much less get far enough to worry about FPS or other issues I'm hearing about.

This is literally the only game I play, and I don't play heavily, but when I do, I want to be able to open the game, play for a while, leave the game. It's not excessively central to my life, but I kinda feel like a favorite TV show just got canceled mid-season.

+1 adding my voice I even created a thread in technical support forum because the game is just absolutely unplayable after patch 3.11.2 :/

+1 how you can write you made improvments ?? its just ridiculjus joke
some1 tested it before implementing ?
Because if you ask the chat the best answer is "I dont feel the difrence" and it is far awway from improving something, and manny manny people have they fps drop down. Not to mentioned that optimazation of this game is allways messed up you're ussing cpu to dig the crypto ?
I try to understund but really dont get it how it can take so much ressources.....

Who carres about the quality of shadows and textures, when you cant play it smothley. The Most important thing is to play the game on steady fps if im not wrong?
The comfort of playing on bellow 60fps is way worse than playing on 800x600ress but with nice steady fps

The most disapointing thing is that when you read the Patch notes it like great they finnaly did it. and after entering the game its worst then before, i feel really disapointed

pleasse Once make the patch note that really will get the performance better, and people will love it I guarantee.
My feelings is like you are lossing some group of players every expansion you made,(thats why you looking on other platforms i guess..)
with content you dont have problem to implement every 3 month and mess the perfomance even worse ...
Skip 2 sessons and spend that time to improve the game itself..
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It's getting worse after the patch, fps dropped, hideout import crashes, plz fix your game GGG
I can't even get the game to load.

Worst patch ever!

Fix it or i'll go to Diablo!
Belember wrote:
Hi and thank you for looking into this issue for us Linux users!

Not sure if this is helpful:

I am using Glorious Eggroll's version of Proton:


Game window opens without any content, closes, reopens and closes again.

Same thing happens on Ubuntu 20.04 and Manjaro 20.03.

I have the same
Henry_GGG wrote:
venorme wrote:
Please fix incompatibility with proton.
3.11.2 broke hearts of Linux players

We're working on it. :)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
It is great to see developers care for us Linux folks.

I'll honor this with a Supporter Pack asap.

Edit: Done, proud Spellblade Supporter
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This update is odd i dont sure even if it happen.
I mean we talk about redownload whole game, i expect whole poe folder to get change, files be unpacked to smaller parts to get rid that content.ggpk file witch is the problem for everything.
I mean if it was good technology why modern warfare is not one big 50gb file or any other games.
Or we should have option to create cache files before playing to avoid corruption flickering and other stuff that you report here right now..
Henry_GGG wrote:
venorme wrote:
Please fix incompatibility with proton.
3.11.2 broke hearts of Linux players

We're working on it. :)

Thank you, I really do hope the fix arrives in the near future.
CreateShaderResourcesViewEx: The parameter is incorrect....my windows machine craps out during load..............linux machine works but much worse fps.............Was excited when I read patch notes during re-up , thought you finally reduced those 2048 textures ,but alas,just re-worked pipeline, hope to see a hotfix , time is $$$ , no time no $$$
after this patch my hdd is literally dying. after some time of gamepley have to restart my computer to play again.. cpu is getting hot faster than usually. Couldn't u wait after the harvest ends ?? just 2 days left and big present from ggg..

Why is it alwayes like this?
synthesis was fun for me - cancelled and in the ending there was some kind of patch that ended MY FUN prematurly
harvest is fun - the same as above

other thing is why can't u just nerf some content and leave it be for those that love to spend more time planning sth. than just looting.....

and one more thing before starting jun missions on map needed to wait a while and could go. now it's imposible to play maps with jun missions.
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