Harvest Ends Soon - Get a Free Mystery Box When You Spend Points

ty for box but its again super unlucky... sad
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BearCares wrote:
Great sale but no really good way to get points ;(

Just gotta take the L on the supporter pack I guess

gotta be a pack with something in you like the look of though, right? you not into the new spellsword set? I love the hood from it.

PS: I got demon gloves from freebie. not the best, but certainly not the worst. ha ha.

reckon I'll buy some though. hoping for angel wings and angel cape the most. they will be sick with the eyrie set.
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bassmazter wrote:
I just spent points two days before this post... Had I known, I would have saved them for the free box! Feels bad man.

I mean they are doing this every league. And assuming to your challenges its not your first league. Well you learn from mistakes i guess.

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