Harvest Ends Soon - Get a Free Mystery Box When You Spend Points

boyandroid wrote:
Just a heads up, Weta pet is also "on sale" for 2 points for the free mystery box.

Thanks for the tip.
I just had 2 coins for a couple of years that I couldn't spend.
I had one box I hadn't opened, and then I got another from the Weta pet sale just now.

The boxes gave me the Angelic Wings and the Angelic Portal Effect - woot!
Great sale but no really good way to get points ;(

Just gotta take the L on the supporter pack I guess
xPiranha wrote:
BFGjstVnQr wrote:
With Heist being a return to "the normal" aka everyone leaving after a week, can you try and do more to attract more betty's to the game.

As a Chad, we need the betty's to make up the number's so to speak, more betty's means more mats they pickup so i can buy from them to make my OP end game gear, then sell back to them for that sweet sweet exa.

Also, we need to reduce the number of patrick's, they cluster in 820 and just rota scam all day long.
...Said the betty
I just spent points two days before this post... Had I known, I would have saved them for the free box! Feels bad man.
Can I get the mystery box if I buy something from the pathofexile.com?
1 have 1 point (((
bassmazter wrote:
I just spent points two days before this post... Had I known, I would have saved them for the free box! Feels bad man.

Same, I actually bought the Vanishing Dye the day before as well AND bought a mystery box. It was around 80 Points in total. Should I have known that the sale would also give bought the dye AND free mystery box, I would have saved at least 45 points.

Sigh, the sadness T_T
I have been summoned!
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Hey guys. been away from the game for quite a while. I just bought a new supporter pack though, and I heard there's some items on sale too?

how long will I have to make my mind up please n what I want t buy? (TBH I'm probs going to get a core pack too and buy some armour sets. there are SO many new ones.

PS: does anyone have up to "crusader" on the core packs so I could have a look at the armour and effects in game, please? most of my existing gear is black or purple/blue sort of looking "breach effects, etc" so I try and get stuff that will fit with this.

I'm just worried that red set is not gonna work with my other things. I guess I can just use it as a set in it's own right though.

I would just like the get the most bang for my buck from supporter packs, so |I image jumping in somewhere in core and then upgrading in the coming months is ideal (it's not my first rodeo, although I never managed to finish off my initial core pack. I got about half way through I think)

EDIT: how long do I have to buy the harvest supporter packs, please? as I might get one of those if they are going off soon. I quite like the red one.

The supporter banner and symbol for it are really nice as well.
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