Stash Tab Sale Weekend

“What kind of f*cking neighborhood is this!?”
“People are under a lot of stress, Bradley.”
I would pay double for a special stach for stones, rings, neckless: something that would organise them a bit. I have few hundreds and its really a messy business.

FYI: League Stash Tab Bundle costs 100 points, but each individual stash is discounted to 30 points, so it's cheaper to buy them separately.
unban players ? :|
Awesome. I bought all of those stashes yesterday... No refund I guess. ;)
Can we please do a turn in for normal stash tabs and receive quad tabs ? I mean not now, but in the future.
When exactly does Harvest end? (I searched and couldn't find)
Thx, i have been waiting for this.
I stopped seeing ZiggyD as a POE streamer.He feel like a Variety streamer that play POE a lot instead of a poe steamer. I honestly feel that they just don't want to use a other streamer at this point since he is the main streamer they have been using for as long as i can remember and that they share time zones.

I have to admit he makes good reveal videos but there is nothing stopping them to give other streamer's chance from time to time.

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