We can't believe how quickly time has flown by but here we are, getting ready to announce our third expansion of this year! The press tour has just begun and this means the announcement is only a week away. We'll reveal the details next Tuesday, September 1st at 2pm (PDT).

We're still aiming to launch this expansion on September 18th (PDT), although this date may still be changed. We'll confirm the launch date with the announcement.

As usual, we're planning to release a new set of league supporter packs for PC alongside the announcement. This time, however, the Supporter Packs launched alongside Harvest will stay in the store for the duration of 3.12 league, so you'll have more time to decide whichever supporter pack you prefer - the old one or the new one. Console players will be able to purchase new supporter packs after the new expansion goes live on consoles.

We're really excited to show you the results of our work and we hope you'll like this expansion as much as we do!
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Grinding Gear Games
Bring the bow tie cats!
hopefully it's great!
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nice. i hope you can keep the release date as planned.
hey that's pretty neat
I've been dying to see the trailer/league reveal. Can't wait
900 gems?!
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