Thaumaturgy Microtransactions on Sale This Weekend

Skydie wrote:
Kylee310 wrote:
Nepenthess wrote:

Imagine being this entitled. Your Mom isn't running GGG, you can't use your whinging to get your way here.

Yes I’m entitled to how to spend my own money. Why don’t you ask your mom for more money and support GGG! I have to work for my money, so I don’t support a game that doesn’t support me!

POE has shown support like no other game will do and which blizzard failed to do. so please.. dont talk about support when this game provides the best support ever.. they even replied to my email within 5 mins lol

and if you are crying about harvest, it means you are a bad player and a stingy one who wants to keep a broken league in core, so you can easily get the crafts you want without investing time/currency, well... get over it.

You calling other bad player Mr. 18/40 challenge completion. I'm a bad player that have 36/40 and 100+ ex. Did you even bother try setting up a garden? Calling Harvest a broken league without setting up a garden, are you serious? The crafts are undoubtedly powerful and need to tone down, but Harvest is not a broken league, check the number and see that more people play until last weeks of the league.

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