[3.12] Death's Oath CI Occultist | Lazy Playstyle | Cheap Budget

Thank you for the guide.

It's more or less my first league and I tried Death's Oath for a few hours by switching out of Vortex.

Damage is quite a bit worse but I feel tanky. So Life-based builds should be possible.
From what I can tell Dark Ideation is not as good as Aura-effect.

Is there a trick to display the real DPS in PoB? I'm nowhere close to your 1mio but it can't be 200K?
Hmm, was pretty sure chaos damage over time MULTIPLIER, was the same as more :O

But Yeah, like i said, i tried to swap to trickster in pob, it was more dps, but only 4k more like i said, with that current tree and everything, i didnt try anything else but just simply switching the ascendancies to see the dmg difference.

And yeah, march of the legion was definitely an option, i believe i have it listed in the bottom of the guide, but, to do that, and add another chaos dmg skill, really just removes from the playstyle of the build, might as well just go that skill at that point, rather than death's oath.

problem with MoM, is itd be better just to go the life version at that point with agnostic, and probably just go heirophant, as the degen isn't that much, if you get the chaos resist, its nothing compared to RF degen.

as for the chaos dmg clusters, yeah, they might be a little bit better, but you are going to suffer on the lack of aura effect for discipline and malevolence, so its a tossup really, and the aura clusters are definitely going to be better if you go the alpha's howl, march of the legion setup, makes it fairly simple to swap over to that, than if you have the chaos mediums.

But yeah, Death's oath needs a buff, definitely. Which is why i started looking for an alternative =\

Yea, so Trickster can ultimately do a lot more damage but it changes the playstyle. Ultimately, the only way to scale it would be frenzy charges. You could go with trickster and channel wither (which sucks I know playstyle wise) and then you could either Max power charges and get a badge or try and max out on frenzy charges. That ends up giving you a couple hundred thousand more damage if you try and go that way. But ultimately it needs a better support gem or a buff etc.

Yea I only recommend the CDot clusters so you could use two skills theoretically if you wanted to. Soulrend easily goes pretty high with this setup, but then why not just change everything idk. The witch would need to somehow capitalize on increasing despair's effect, and incorporate frenzy charges to outpace trickster. Sadly just aren't enough medium cluster sockets or worthwhile talents on the tree.
Are you willing to write a guide in 3.13?
Hey spork, i love this build but thanks to those pesky aurastackers they nerfing the aura jewels. Do you think the nerf is gonna hit too hard in 3.13? what do you think? are you willing to write a 3.13 guide pleasE?
build for 3.13 ? bad ? good ?
yakushin wrote:
build for 3.13 ? bad ? good ?

Still good for clearing maps etc, but took a small damage nerf with the cluster jewel nerfs.
boss killing agane bad ?

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