[3.14]Ice Crash-Jugg-2h-AxeVersion-17+Mil Shaper DPS-League Starter- 90+%CritR-Freeze the game!

Anyone have any solid recommendations on defenses for this build? I keep getting murdered from around A6 T13+, mostly due to crits and ranged (Ultimatum in particular is nasty on both heavy hitters and arrow-bombardments).
I am running all the standard stuff with F&S, Immortal Call and Phase Run on CWDT, maxed out elemental and around 50% on chaos, around 5k HP, Temporal Chains with +48% effect on gloves, Unwavering Stance, fortify and onslaught always on.

What did you guys do to survive better? Is it worth it to grab some +endurance charge rings and boots? Should I discard the Abyssus for a defensive hat instead, even though the DPS loss is considerable? Should I drop Herald of Ice for skitterbots + Bonechill?

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