Have you ever wanted a flock of crows to follow your Exile? We've got you covered! The new Doomcrow Wings consist of a murder of crows that fly behind your character. Check out these wings by watching the video below or click here to get yours!

Naturally, the Doomcrow Wings look great with crimson and black outfits, so try them out with a combination of the Blood Guard Armour Set with the Crusader Hood, Glowing Red Eyes, Sin Character Effect and the Warlock Staff layered with the Ultimate Chaos Weapon Effect. If you can't get enough of these smart birds, add a couple of Raven Pets to your outfit.

Thank you for your support!
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Well no, but actually yes.
i like but not love it, the idea of having a murder of crows follow you as like a witch or something seems kinda awesome but I dont really like the formation as they fly behind you... would be better to be more chaotic of a formation IMO
So I might have been wrong when I thought I'd never use wings on my characters... I agree with dontplease though, they look a bit too artificial to me, and too close. But the idea is great, I like this kind of wings!
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Great idea, bad execution. They should be more chaotic. Don't focus on the fact that they have to look like wings, instead focus in letting do random things while moving behind you. They would still count as wings but still different and that would be the coolest aspect about them.
Wings? Ahahahahahahaah. In New Zealand they call it wings. In my country we call pets, more precisely a flock of crows that follow us. Its not looking bad this pets, but definitely not a wings.
i was waiting for the character in the video to take a turn and not just run straight ahead to see how unnatural that formation of birds would look when turning as a solid triangle. they didn't do that, for obvious reasons :/
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Seems more suitably categorized as a character effect or apparition but very neat idea.
I like Synthesis. Deal with it.

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