[PS4] 3.11.1d Patch Notes

[PS4] 3.11.1d Patch Notes
  • Updated the Harvest notification to display which life force is ready to be harvested.
  • Areas in the Labyrinth created by Gifts, Tributes or Dedications to the Goddess for which instances have previously been opened and then timed out will no longer grant items or experience when re-entered. This previously applied to all Labyrinth difficulties.
  • Cultists in the Lookout Map boss room can no longer have the Fractured nemesis modifier.
  • Ballista Totems no longer play surge effects.
  • Fixed a rare bug where multiple uses of a Harvest crafting option could be consumed from a single crafting action.
  • Fixed a bug preventing autoplanting of Harvest seeds from the Seed Stockpile if the seeds were item level 86 or higher.
  • Fixed a bug where the Sacred Ashes degeneration could persist after the Avatar of the Grove encounter was completed.
  • Fixed a bug where some Zana mission variations weren't offered as options. The "Single Portal" variation will remain permanently disabled and will not be offered as an option.
  • Fixed a rare bug where you could not access some encounters which branched off of Niko's Mineshaft.
  • Fixed a bug where monsters created by skills were included in Warcry power calculations.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented Redeemer-influenced Boots from being able to roll Attack Dodge and Spell Dodge modifiers together.
  • Fixed a bug where Burtok, Conjurer of Bones' projectiles originated from his target, rather than himself.
  • Fixed a bug allowing Mother of the Hive in the Strange Sinkhole vaal side area to spawn far more Sand Spitters than intended.
  • Fixed a bug where the effects of the Solaris Sky Beam skill didn't scale correctly with area of effect modifiers.
  • Fixed a bug where Ballista Totems that used Power Siphon could cause performance loss after they had expired.
  • Fixed three instance crashes.
  • Fixed a client crash that could occur when using Shield Charge.
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When will ggg fix all the blue screening? I can’t get through the third ascendancy without the game crashing.
Ah the blue screen mob is a natural part of GGG console games didnt you know they added a special mob called BlueScreen the crasher it's the most common rare mob
those patch are always welcome, but can we have a notice of any sort about the big issue this game has on ps4?

- blue screen are really frequent, no matter what you do and where you are.
- screen freeze are really frequent
- delirium from maps lag so much it is barely playable.
- delirium map, 40% delirious are barely playable. 60% up forget that, you cant walk 5 feet from the portal and it crash. and this really suck because you made a challenge to do a rare map 100% delirium. so you have to waste few exalt on a very low tier map and hope your console dont blow up. delirium encounters are WAY worst than last league.
I agree, PS4 performance issues need to be addressed, people are leaving the game on console left and right.
I thought I was the only one that had frequent crashes! Pretty sad that a PS4 Pro can't even run this game without crashing several times a day. I had just finished running my 33 lab on a fresh character and as I was about to pick my ascension class and everything it crashed....had to do it all over again >_<

While Xbox players complain less about the crash on console,
optimization MUUUUUST be done on PS4 or players are leaving this game.
still nothing to mitigate the xp loss and what not with blue screens?

You do realize that it would even itself out if you cut the XP loss in half. For every 1 legitimate death in this game, you get at least 1 blue screen death. Making it 5% would just even that out.

But instead, you choose to do nothing and you decided that you want players to be punished for your game crashing all of the time. Nice.
Played constantly since patch. No blue screen at all. It was every 30 minutes before. Maybe I'm lucky nut they must have fixed at least something.
An important sentence is missing from this patch note: CE-34878-0 is no longer occurring.

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