3.11.1d Patch Notes

Bosses and rare mobs are unkillable. They have zero HP but are still alive and deal damage.
This is reproducable, occured in 9 of 10 maps since update.

Dharall wrote:

Instead they shoved the zoom zoom playstyle down our throats.

Just had my 3:rd in a row zana mission with only timer based missions to choose from.. I &/¤"#/! hate that timer crap!

I much much rather all missions were single portal then the timer crap that they are now.

So for me a big -100000 change

Sorry, but the Zana mission timers are completely irrelevant. There's no benefit from even completing the missions (unless you need "master favour" for your hideout) and unless you're playing like a sloth on Xanax you should have no problem with the timer. Very rarely you have to skip breaches or abysses until the mission is complete but let's face it: Zana's "missions" are just a free extra map.

The one portal missions on the other hand were really annoying because you couldn't leave for trade, you couldn't leave for carrying out loot and if you died or disconnected the map would be lost. Total bullshit...

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