[3.12] Gladiator Bleed Earthquake 75/75 Block / Budget Friendly / All Content Done NO NERFS on heist

Hi! Which gem setup use 4L/5L for main skill while leveling?
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Ty for this build, I like it.

Can you tell me what pantheon do you mainly use?
And in which ordre must i upgrade my char? Surrender, Weapon, Tree with cluster jewels, Belt?

Ty in advance :)
Can't really call this budget friendly.

Have you seen the price of axes with the 60% mod? Even shit ones.
So I'm trying to craft an axe for this build as buying one seems very expensive. I'm pretty far into the build at this point I've crafted my cluster jewels almost perfect. Do you have a good idea of what I should use to craft good mod with good base damages?
Weapons are so expensive i can't even find high damage weapon? what is important on weapon ? what should we look
be careful, this build requiared a tons of currency, but in the same amount, every build can do things even better. spend like 40ex on it and still not have a close to 1/20 dps of the original.

igorkugan wrote:
saidelpna wrote:
What are you using from Large Cluster Jewel did you pick up
[Furious Assault] and [Master the Fundamentals] this two and let the [Exploit Weaknes] or you pick up The three

you can use all of them or master of fundamentals and Exploit weakness if u missing the third one

what's the point to using exploit weakness if there is no vulnerability in the kit? not sure if im blind and missed it or if it's something you overlooked
Can you explain to me how the 150% more damage and 100% more damage with ailments works on the POB for the weapon? I'm not understanding where all that damage is coming from. On my own POB I get up to 9m Sirus damage but when I add in the 100% and 150% it goes up to 46m?

Can you post a leveling section with all the uniques that are good till mapping or so ?
Thank you!
igorkugan wrote:
drigorin wrote:
Hello! What's the button rotation for bosses?

So you just 4 hit in the air and then slam the boss with 1 seismic cry left?

that's Right, the last hit of Seismic cry + fist of war, 250% more damage with bleeds. then u swap to the bow and hit ensnaring arrow 1 time.

Why in the air? I though bleed just takes the highest dmg

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