[3.14] Bosskiller Brand - Tank T16 Ultimatums, up to 10.5k tHP + Fortify + Block, 10-35m sDPS!

Gear is globally good, your pob shows a very bad lightning res though but I guess I fucked something up and it's just pob giving me wrong numbers. You could get few better nodes on the tree, like with a thread of hope where you have your watcher's eye and by taking Spiritual Aid that applies the damage buffs of your minions to you too. Also your large jewel is cold damage and you might want fire one as we play with Avatar of fire which makes us do ONLY fire damage.
Other than that: YES, awakened spell cascade is HUUUUGE. It's by far the best 12ex and the most impacting thing I bought this league. It was like: I equipped it, I anointed Undertaker, and I went from "I'm running away from the boss so that the damages can be dealt while I'm safe away" to "I'm running awa... Oh he's dead already, nice". Another thing that might be impacting your damages is specters. If you do not have the harvest ones you're missing on a good chunk of your damages.

Hope it helped =)


Lightning res is borked because i'm using the malachais artifice with spectre gem in it. It's maxxed, just not in POB for whatever reason.

I saw the latest POB on the front page, might get another thread of hope and spec into spiritual aid if I can get a few more levels.

Good tip on the large jewel, will look into that if I can find another one for hte right price.

Went ahead and dumped my last remaining 10ex into awakened spell cascade. Getting ready to take it for a spin now!

Thanks for the feedback :D

Edit: holy smokes, what a difference for real. For anyone wondering if it's worth it, spend the ex on awakened spell cascade.

I also noticed, I had my casts backwards. Was casting VD brand first, then desecrate. Swapped them around and its making a huge difference on how fast I can move about and how fast packs are dying.
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Hey guys!

Got like 100 ex to invest, but honestly dunno what to buy, could HH be a posibility?

This is my current gear:

kinbord wrote:

You can't really play the build with less than 5 buttons (+ flasks) in my opinions. I personally have incinerate on left click, flame dash on q (assuming qwerty keyboard of course), desecrate brand on w, VD brand on e and brand recall on a. I do have flasks 4 and 5 on my mouse (buttons 4 and 5) though so I can blast all flasks easily. Using those keybinds I usually do W + E with 1s~ish of delay between the two of them, then blast all flasks (1 + 2 + 3 + mouse 4 & 5), flame dash and either brand recall or new brands (new W + E sequence). I don't feel the need of using incinerate in maps usually because I have enough gears to be tanky enough but when I did need to I would just press it here and there when I felt safe about channeling a bit.
When it's just bossing like Elder, Shaper, Maven's Invitations and such, I put brands as close as I can to the boss, pop flasks and incinerate during talking phase or after an attack so that I know I can channel for 0.5-1s safely and then it's usually enough to kill bosses anyway.

Thanks mate!

I also found that I forgot to spec Runebinder, so it felt quite clunky.
I did reconfigure some skills now....kept my flasks at 12345, but basically have QUER now too plus 2 mouse buttons on top of Left- and rightclick.


I got myself a well-rolled Soul Tether with the Disci implicit, but it feels quite bad...so I went for a Hunter belt with crit mod, giving some nice additional flask sustain.
Feels quite a bit better now, also gut an Awakened Spell Cascade on my other char, leveling the gem atm.
Will try it with my HH too to get some more levels!

@Warsong: your stuff looks really good :) I'd go for better life rolls on Helmet and Ring, Q on some gems, Lvl 7/23 Brand recall...all in all small things I guess.


Forgot I have more questions :D

1. Why do we use 2x Seeker Runes from the medium cluster jewel? 1 seems enough to me, maybe we can profit more from a different node?
2. We don't actually have max block, right? The Offerings just count 50% for the Necromancer.
I got myself a Divergent Bone Offering (just 30c) because of that, although it's just 1% additional attack and spell block.
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Dont forget that glancing blows doubles your chance of blocking.
Got awakened spell cascade and crafted pCoC on my chest this morning so now I can socket in combustion support. I have about 7ex to start crafting the endgame helm. Wish me luck!
Ibarela wrote:
Dont forget that glancing blows doubles your chance of blocking.

Yea I know but still...I checked in maps and it said Chance to block Attack Damage 68% and Chance to Block Spell damage 75%

With Divergent Bone Offering Lvl20 I get 68 Attack block. maybe you can roll the Timeless jewel for some block but I am currently experimenting with those. The leech jewel with 0 ES doesn't feel good with the huge amount of ES (yet), so I went for Corrupted Soul.

Got the Spectres too now and it's doing fine so far...I am just a bit annoyed that I have to reroll all -max res, no regen and less recovery maps
“Losing a limb is no excuse for cowardice.” - Master Sollis, "Blood Song"
What would you all say is the minimum level for this build? I have nearly everytving for the build and level currently as ice conversion skelis. Im not sure when to switch.
If I read the OP correctly he said he switched to Arcanist Brand when reaching red maps.

I switched at Lvl 88 and wouldn't have liked to switch earlier. In retrospect, I think that was a good decision.
“Losing a limb is no excuse for cowardice.” - Master Sollis, "Blood Song"
And what would be the ideal shoes for this build? I currently wanted to work on life mvnt +1 spectre levels and res i need?
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Edit: All items sold.
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