[3.12] JustMNY's Freezing Pulse Totem Build (Not 3.13 updated yet)

Hey Partypeople,

i am MrMNY and welcome to my first PoE Guide.

I will work and improve this guide when time passes, but at the moment this guide will mostly be about my "endgame" version of Freezing Pulse Totem.

Before we start: Feel free to leave a comment with questions or suggestions for improvement, if you have any or visit me at https://www.youtube.com/c/MrMNY

3.11 Changes
Freezing Pulse's damage effectiveness has been increased from 150% to 200%.
That's a nice buff to Freezing Pulse.
Damage effectiveness tells you how much from your "X damage to spells"
is used for a Freezing Pulse cast.
So if you have 100 added damage to spell you now gain 200 damage to spell instead of 150.
This makes added cold damage support significantly stronger.

Skill Tree
Path of Building Fork Version


Freezing Pulse Links: Freezing Pulse - Hypothermia - Awakened Controlled Destruction - Awakened Cold Penetration - Awakend Added Cold Damage - Increased Critical Strikes
If you have a +1 to socketed gems Chest and enough Crit Empower lvl 4 is a good alternative for Increased Critical Strikes, but in the end you should sim it so see the gains.

Curses: Freezing Pulse/Stormblast + Awakened Curse on Hit + Projectile Weakness + Frostbite
The Freezing Pulse/Stormblast decision mostly Depends on what you like more.
For blighted maps i like to run Freezing Pulse, for Sirus/Hexproof enemies i prefer Stormblast more.

4-Link Arcane Cloak: Arcane Cloak + Increased Duration + Arcane Surge + Frost Bomb
Thanks to Arcane Cloak you can run Arcane Surge on lvl 21 with no Problems.
I will write more about using Arcane Cloak in the Arcane Cloak Section.

3-Link Movement Flame Dash + Second Wind + Arcane Surge lvl 7 or faster casting
Keep Arcane Surge low enough to proc it with every Flame Dash
Essence Worm Rings: Hatred + Zealotry. Period.

3-Link Def: Portal - Lightning Golem - Increased Duration - Vaal Righteous Fire
Only use Vaal Righteous Fire, not the normal Righteous Fire. You can't sustain it.
The Lightning Golem & Portal Gems are optional and can be replaced with something else, if you want.

3-Link Cold Snap: Cold Snap - Cast when Damage Taken - Bonechill
This is used to get Frenzy Stacks. Keep in mind that you level Cold Snap only to level 6 if you got a +1 to Cold Spells Wand while running Cast when Damage Taken on lvl 1.


Pursuit of Faith -> Ritual of Awakening -> Conviction of Power -> Divine Guidance
Basically all we want. Damage, survivability, Damage, Quality of Life.. oh.. and also DAMAGE


Eternal Life Flask of Staunching:

Thanks to the Coward's Legacy Chain Belt we are always running on Low Health, so we make use of the "Instant Recovery when on Low Life" Mod on that Life Flask. Remove Bleeding or Ignite as the second Mod is recommended.

Silver Flask of Heat:

Grant's Onslaught. 23 % Reduced Charges used is needed to get the 30 of 60 charges on uses. So you can use this flask 2 times before you need to refill it.
Removes Freezes and Chill on use is recommended

Quicksilver Flask:

Run Fast, go wild. "Of Adrenaline" for the 30 % extra Movement Speed is the best choice, for the second mod i recommend Increased Duration or Increased Effect+LessDuration. Up to you.

Bottled Faith:

HUGE DPS gain, also some Survivability because of the Consecrated Ground Lifereg.

Mana Flask:

To be honest, this 5th spot is up to you and The Wise Oak is very strong if used right, but for Quality of life and just a more enjoyable playstyle i really recommend a Mana Flask.
Get 12 % increased Cast speed during Flask effect and "Flask Effect is not removed at full Mana". because of Arcane Cloak you will lose 70 % of your mana every 6 seconds and mana is also our health, so its just nice to have.
Also you are now able to run EVERY map mod. Even no Mana regen maps are no Problem anymore.


First Snow:

You can use this Jewel 2 times to get up to 5 Projectiles for a wider clearing. I only use it 1 time, because there are much better damage options.
It's the best spot to get the corrupted blood immunity


A cheap, but awesome must have Jewel.

Watcher's Eye:
Something like this:

1-2 rare Jewels:
Here you can get some resistance if needed or something like this:

Amulet Anointment

Flash Freeze: Cheap and a good allrounder. Not the highest pick for raw damage or defence, but i like the stats it gives.

For most Damage you can use Heartseeker or Arcane Swiftness
For defence you can go with Soul of Steel or Constitution.


Soul of the Brine King: to get the Stun Immunity
Soul of Solaris: Decreases the chance to get "oneshotted"

Soul of Ryslatha: 60 % more effect for your Life Flask because you always count as Low Life.


Help Alira: 5 mp5, 20 crit multi, 15 % resistances
Perfect choice in almost every scenario.
(If using Clusterjewels you can think about using +2 skillpoints instead)


*I am still working on this, but meanwhile i will link my items here*

Why Arcane Cloak?

Arcane Cloak is a perfect Gem for this Build.
First of all you bind this skill on your "left mouse button".
You can still run around like using "Move around" but you will always cast Arcane Cloak whenever the cooldown is ready.

When casting Arcane Cloak you get a decent shield, based on the Mana it's using ~2k shield for me.
You also gain 75 % of mana used as an additional Lighting Damage to spells which is not a WTFHOLYCOW amount, but still a very nice boost to your damage.
The best benefit from using Arcane Cloak is, that you run a lvl 21 Arcane Surge and always proc it when using Arcane Cloak, so you have a 100 % uptime with Arcane Surge and you also always proc the Arcane Capacitor Talent and together this is just an INSANE Damage boost (~37 % Damage in my Path of Building).

For Beginners/Leaguestarters i highly recommend Wallachs Guide because i am not covering the leveling/leaguestartert/low budget versions YET.
Wallach's Freezing Pulse Totem Guide

Wallach also got a leveling guide section(leveling with holy flame totem is recommended) and also a "switching to freezing pulse section" when you got the stuff to switch to Freezing Pulse Totem. Very helpful for "first time totem gods"

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*Saved for Annoucements*
Great job man, but can u tell me how Righteous should work? In this build Righteous to link with other gems in boots, but CWDT can't cast this spell cuz he's require more than 38, so get 3 link without Righteous or something other idea?
You only use Vaal Righteous Fire (You cant sustain normal righteous fire) and you have to cast it yourself (you are able to cast it, because the level is higher then the cast when damage taken is supporting).
Yeah, i talk about Vaal version ofc, but in ur GEAR (tab) Vaal version is link with other gems, CWDT not activing with not Vaal Righteous i guess? And what about ur gloves, on same tab (GEAR) Storm Brand is not mistake? But for what?
Last edited by 3if on Jul 26, 2020, 1:36:30 AM
The lvl 21 vaal righteous fire is not supported by lvl 1 CWDT, so you can is it as you like and its in a 4 link to get the benefirt of inc duration support (no proc when dmg taken of course, but you dont want that anyways.)

Stormbrand in gloves is to apply the 2 curses.
You can use Freezing Pulse for mapping, but stormblast is good for bosses
(or to be honest mostly for sirus) and for hexproof enemies because you will apply the curses with every tick on stormblast instead of having to cast freezing pulse multiple times.
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Sorry, i just understand right now that you called Stormablast = Stormbrand but idk why :DD, thx for help and some tips. Good luck bro.
Ops. My fault. But blast sounds so much cooler then brand. xD
Hi Mate

I'm new to the game so i've mainly been testing out builds to see what I like and my favourite character so far is a Ball Lightning Totems build that uses Arcane Cloak. I was thinking of trying freezing pulse so I chill and freeze enemies for extra survivability but I really like Arcane Cloak so was curous if anyone used AC with FP Totems. So I'm happy to see that someone actually does.

Just a couple things regarding Arcane Cloak...

Arcane Cloak counts as a guard skill so it cannot be used with Immortal Call or Steelskin so you can get rid of those. I personally am using Tempest Shield for the extra block. Maybe you can add Second Wind for the reduced cooldown and move Frost Bomb somewhere else.

I also did some testing with Arcane Surge. Because Arcane surge with Increased Duration lasts 6.5 seconds and you can only proc it every 9 seconds with Arcane Cloak, I also have a level 7 Arcane Surge on my flame dash. The level 21 Arcane Surge will always trump the lvl 7 but when the lvl 21 runs out the lvl 7 will take over. The lvl 7 will always be in the background of the lvl 21 but kick in once the lvl 21 runs out. Hope this makes sense and is somewhat useful.

Oh.. thanks for the advice. i ignored that AC is also a guard skill. facepalm. i will overhaul the gem section.

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