[3.17]Blazer's Flicker God![League Starter as Cyclone-Supreme Tank-35M+ DPS Maxed-Fast]ALL CONTENT

Please i can't understand. I'm playing this build since it exists, and now i'm trying to revamp it for 3.17, but i can't understand why you have 5 gems on your gloves in the PoB, you have less duration for the aspect of the cat, purity of elements, flesh and stone, precision and herald of purity... how??
Since Impale support doesn't offer the good stats no more, should we try to reach 100% without Impale support?

- Supported Skills now have 60% chance to Impale (previously 40%).
- Supported Skills now have 0-28% increased Impale Effect (previously 20-49%).
- No longer has "Supported Skills deal 5-15% more Physical Damage".
- No longer has “Impale Damage dealt to Enemies Impaled by Supported Skills Overwhelms 30% Physical Damage Reduction”.*

Thanks for the build. Having fun so far :)
I recently started to build around this one. I am using masterful form on an 8 passive large cluster. Got something around 23m Sirus DPS with totems + flasks. Masterful Form has a little bit less damage than the Headsman (I guess it's about 2 to 3m), but it helps me getting things like chaos res cap, %90 phys dmg red., %42 evasion, %100 spell suppression, and %77+ all res.

The only problem is at lvl 94, I only got 3600ish life. The survivability is not bad, yet would like 1k more life to make things smoother and be able to run full simulacrums.
is this build viable for 3.18 still or no?
Im trying to level with this build and i'm struggling so hard with it, how can you even level a cyclone build without resolute technique?
Dont buy supporter packs until the game is fixed.
Is this still viable?

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