[3.17]Blazer's Flicker God![League Starter as Cyclone-Supreme Tank-35M+ DPS Maxed-Fast]ALL CONTENT

Hello there!

Wanted to ask about the optimal Forbidden Flesh/Flame choice.
I mean Headsman obviously is the endgame choice, but probably expensive as f***.

I tend to look at masterful form, arena challenger or versatile combatant, in terms of damage. In PoB Masterful Form seems comparably weak, but is it?

On the defensive side of things I would also lean to painforged, but that seems kinda like a waste.

What would you recommend?
One shotted on 2t maps, can someone tell what am i doing wrong?
Need some help, havent played for a wile and just changed the tree and some gear but my damage is so low i cant even complete a T10 map not dying what i'm doing wrong is my gear so crappy right now ?.
Requesting POB for 3.17, a lot of nodes are moved. Thanks!
Is this build worth doing if i can only afford a 5link farruls?
I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. Low damage and survivability.


geez, people with 150ex in gear saying they have no dmg or survivability.

People in minion build doing t16 for 5ex or less

I did this build 3.14/3.15. It was pretty decent. 3.16, I updated my tree and some gear on standard. I think it's done without heavy investment. Like items that carry the build heavy. Check the Discord and report back if you hear anything.
Im currently trying to run the build but i get a weird pause almost 1 second between each set of flicker strikes. I turned off all my buffs so my mana is maxed and i have farruls with 5 frenzy charges that never go below 4. I cant figure out why im not flying around the screen instead of doing a single set of flicker strike multi hits every 1 second.
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I just started the league, in the initial construction the Gladiator ascendancies appear in the pop. But the post come out of Champion.

What would be Gladiator's ancestries in order?


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