3.11.1c Patch Notes

This is becoming unbearable to play. Over 1,400 hours in this game but now, after literally every patch, there are an insane amount of crashes. Today's patch makes it completely unplayable (crashes on startup) and this is the third time I'll have uninstalled and reinstalled PoE this league. Never had issues like this before.
I've lost an 9ex amulet cause of the constant crashes due to the new patch, so Harvest just ended for me, gifted my currency to a random player who I hope will be luckier than me.

I'm so pissed with this..So cya in PoE 2 or whenever u decide to make a playable league. Shame.
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Added effects to Gore Earthquake Effect and Crystal Earthquake Effect when supported by Fist of War Support.

This was in the preview... but it's gone?
the map rolls and loot drops are not functioning correctly. everything is rolling bad and dropping abnormally bad. seeds too.
Yay! More Lifeforce! 😊
Fix FLICKER STRIKE please!!!!!
Why mid cluster jewels cant getting anymore crafted with yelow t1 atack seeds ?


Someone find how we can rotate the camera please ? There is nothing in the option. Just a line who says the option is on but nothing about how we can rotate. Thanks
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Great changes, well needed storage fixes. The thing that I was kinda "sad" about however is that I had 99.2% on my old heart of the grove advancement and instead of opening up the grove at 100% it reset it and now I am at 1/100 redtier maps to open it.

So, if you have the old counter on your heart of the grove wait for them to fix it before you advance it unless you want to redo 100 maps again..

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