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Hello. I'm not sure if these replies are read by GGG or if this is the correct place to post this. But! Just some suggestions I would like but certainly aren't a big deal.

The ability to select which tier of seeds are auto-planted. Maybe like right-clicking the auto plant button and getting a menu that will let you checkmark boxes for each tier. Whichever ones are checked will be planted automatically. Can be mix-and-matched! Default can be the current setup of just T1 seeds.

An option to hide pylon connectors. After using so many pylons, these buttons clutter the screen so much and hide what I personally think would be a pretty cool looking garden. I can hide them with Z, but that turns off all UI elements and I just want to hide the connector icon since I no longer have any use for them after setting up my garden.

Similar to the Hideouts, an Import and Export option. I think this would go a long ways to helping the people confused by how to properly setup a garden.

That's all! Might be too late into the League for this kind of stuff. But, thought I would suggest them all the same. Thanks!

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