Creating Oshabi

"Crap, they're rioting because we still haven't released the patch. Quick, post a filler to distract them!"

And yeah, this feels like taunting Tarke.
Close down the "Feedback" section. Stop pretending you care about feedback outside of reddit.

[3.10] Double DoT Toxic Rain Trapper:
[3.10] The Forgotten Gem - Stormbind Hierophant:
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Nice artwork for boring and tedious league mechanic.
I wanna see a similar post about ''Creating the new stash tabs''
Is this how Bex looks irl ?
Why not just use the
feature to auto hide content so readers can view it at their discretion without it being accidentally spoiled for others? That is the whole point of it anyway.
Venarius had more story with him though, so there were more hooks for us to feel pity for what happened to him.

Oshabi... Doesn't really have much going on does she? Seems partly like an issue of being pressed for resources. I'll be sad to see her go though since I would like to be able to have another NPC around and she's plenty different from the others.
A throwaway character for a void league doesn't need to evoke any sort of pity or be an intriguing part of the greater Wraeclast storyline. All the same, it's an interesting premise, we're there toiling in the snap-to-grid dirt to juggle lifeforces around to get stubborn seeds and vanishingly rare EV out of the Secret Garden, meanwhile she's over there going nuts and then we take a garden weasel to her face.

Yeena doesn't even have much to say about her even though you're right there scooping up Mentos off the ground and taking them into the garden right in front of where Yeena is burning cobwebs off the temple door in the vaal city.

It would be nice for the next pandemic wave shutdown league if we could finally get some fishing in. A laid-back, relaxing, rewarding, and educational season pass for the whole family. Have fishin' holes spawn in random maps and zones, with regional flavour that matches the tileset. Toxic Sewers? "Jersey Sandbar". Glacier? "Frobisher Bay". Carcass? "Aqueous Humour". Absence of Value and Reason? "Wellspring of Good Ideas At The Time".
"How do you lure the Elder to the centre of the Atlas?"
"A box trap with some candy should do the trick"
Too bad the encounter is bugged for a large % of people.
Still standing by my statement. Oshabi is waifu. Would buy onlyfans/ 10.
IGN: GoldenPepe
I'd love to see all her dialogue/boss fight, but I don't think I can stomach getting to endgame again :(

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