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Tons of damage and the ability to hit while moving make brands a strong build choice. This guide finishes as LowLife but can be started at any budget or even in a fresh league. Easily capable of all content with modest investment and it just gets better from there, this build is perfect for upgrading slowly over the course of a league to hit insane numbers.

Path of Building: Leaguestart/Pre-LL | Midrange | Endgame | Literal God

Twitch Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/Velyna

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Upgraded PoB

This version is updated faster and has extra features. The PoB links in the guide all use this and there might be differences from the standard one.

Uninstall PoB before installing this or you might get errors.

1. Introduction

1.1. Why brands?

Brands offer a highly mobile and therefore very safe playstyle, it's basically like a little totem that sticks to things and can't be killed. Along with the changes in 3.11 and addition of Swiftbrand support, storm brand had its damage increased and I'm enjoying the more active playstyle. It's also a fantastic levelling skill.

1.2. Pros/Cons
  • Smooth levelling: We use storm brand all the way through into endgame and the power curve feels great. In addition to being strong, it's an insanely fast skill for levelling with its drop and go playstyle.
  • Big scaling: We have tons of options to boost DPS, with all the aura's we run and the ability to scale them our potential is massive. This is a fantastic build to work on over time.
  • Safety: The playstyle of brands offers superior mobility compared to most other skills. We can spend our time focusing on staying alive.

  • Ramping: This build can take some investment to comfortably steamroll high tier maps, and may have low boss dps when starting out. Can end up being expensive, as many LowLife builds are. Will feel fantastic with the investment though.
  • Not immortal: We don't have fortify or a massive health pool, you need to use your mobility well and not take oneshot hits.

1.3. Media

Big Maps/Metamorphs

1.4. HC/SSF/Leaguestart Viable?

This can be leaguestarted in softcore, I have no idea if it's hardcore viable but imagine it is with decent gear.

SSF seems pretty hard and would require some big brain adjustments depending on gear.

2. Leveling

This will show what I used and how I specced while levelling a simulated leaguestart. We go life and armour at first while gathering gear for LL, if you have gear already feel free to skip this section and level however you want. I had a very easy time through the acts following this path.

Act 1




Storm brand is available near the end of this act, before that I used freezing pulse. Dont level your arcane surge gem because brands have a low mana cost.

The town vendors will often have 2 and 3 link blue socket wands for you to buy so check back every level. Flame totem + added lightning helps a lot with our single target dps.

Act 2





We pick up herald of lightning in this act plus 2 very strong supports. You can also start levelling herald of ice in a weapon swap at this point.

Act 3





We can get life leech in this act, to link with either storm brand or our herald for some sustain. I had it linked to the herald. When you run first lab put the first 2 ascend points in Harmony of Purpose.

Act 4-6






Adding a CWDT setup in act 4 gives us some defense. Make sure your buying all the aura's needed later to level now as it really helps smooth the LL swap.

When you run second lab take Radiant Crusade, make sure you set up the CWDT+golem so you get the 10% more damage from it.

Act 7-10

The third and fourth lab runs can wait until getting through acts, they dont benefit us much before going LL anyway.

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3. Gear


Starter: Crown of the Inward Eye gives us damage for every ES node we take on the tree, plus armour and life. Should be affordable not long after league start and you can just use a rare helm with armour+life before this.

Midrange: Once we get our amulet anointed with Tranquility we upgrade to a high ES hubris circlet with resists and "Nearby enemies have -9% to Cold Resistance".

Endgame: If you want to get aspect of the spider running a high ES hubris with -9% cold and 5% Reduced Mana Reserved is needed. This combined with some minus reservation corrupted jewels lets us fit aspect in our mana.


Starter: ES gloves with resists, armour gloves if you arent LowLife yet.

Endgame: Fenumus' Weave once you have enough reduced reservation to run spider aspect. You need a reduced reservation crafted helmet plus a couple jewel corrupts for this. If you can afford it, ele weakness on hit is massive here.


We're pretty much locked into shavs for this slot. Any ES or armour/ES chest will work to start but you need this before going LowLife.

If you have the budget, grab one corrupted with damage or max resistance then bench color it with vaal+chromatics. Increased ES or +1 gems are good options also.


Starter: Mutewind Whispersteps give a ton of DPS for the price without sacrificing movespeed, plus chilled ground immunity and some resist. Run lab a few times to hit a decent enchant and they get even better.

Endgame: ES boots with high movespeed and resists. Maybe put a Cannot be Frozen craft on them.


Presence of Chayula: Standard LowLife build amulet, stun immunity plus chaos resistance and ES. Prismatic catalysts are great here to pump chaos res even higher.

Call of the Brotherhood: We fully convert to cold by putting turbulent catalysts on both rings. This allows us to take advantage of more auras plus lets us freeze enemies for safety.


Starter: Any chain or crystal belt with high ES and resists.

Endgame: Crystal belt with high ES, armour, and strength plus resists. With a high STR roll here you shouldnt need any extra nodes on the tree. Either defense or resist catalysts can be used to get more from this slot.


Watchers Eye: Hatred penetration is probably the strongest dps choice, followed by Precision crit multi. There are also some great defensive options from Discipline and Clarity.

Transcendent Flesh: This jewel gives us a very high amount of damage and usually isnt too expensive. We have such a perfect spot for this its hard to imagine putting anything else there.

Energy from Within: We get quite a bit of ES from this, and it's a fantastic place for a minus reservation corrupt later.

Cluster Jewels

  • Large: Theres a few options here, I like this combination because it gives me leech plus some straight damage. Leech can be gotten elsewhere so feel free to experiment.
  • Medium: Brand Loyalty increases our single target, and we also pick up some duration. Holy Conquest is optional but I prefer to use it.
  • Small: Probably not used until very high level, or a bit earlier if you want more defence. We can grab armour, max res, ES or a few other things here plus some resists.


Starter: Cerberus Limb gives us leech if our shield has 30% block plus a bunch of damage and cast speed. It's the perfect starter weapon before switching to LowLife and can be used for awhile afterwards.

Endgame: At least one gem level mod plus spell damage/crit/cast speed/added lightning to spells etc. We need 'Cast socketed skills' craft here allowing us to remove CWDT for Wave of Conviction.


Starter: We use Lioneye's Remorse before going LowLife, tons of life+armour and it hits the 30% block for leech from Cerberus' Limb.

Endgame: Prism Guardian is required to get all our aura's running, look to get this ASAP. If you can afford it, get a +2 AOE or Aura gem corrupt.


Atziris Promise: Super cheap, super useful. Damage and defense together means we get a lot of mileage out of this flask

Bottled Faith: Crazy damage boost if you can afford it. This slot can be a Wise Oak if not, still very strong.

Utility: We want to get freeze and bleed immune here, probably on diamond and silver flasks. The quicksilver is optional, put anything you want here.

4. Misc

4.1 Ascend
  • Harmony of Purpose
  • Radiant Crusade
  • Radiant Faith
  • Unwavering Faith

Harmony of Purpose is fantastic and should be first always, Radiant Crusade comes second to help us balance resists and give a 10% more multiplier when we have golem out.

The other 4 points only become good after switching to LowLife so don't stress about them.

4.2 Bandit

Alira gives us 3 things we like a lot so we help her.

4.3 Pantheon

Major: Solaris or Lunaris

Minor: Gruthkul

This is my standard setup, feel free to run whatever you want.
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This may be exactly what I was looking for for a friend of mine. She's only into casters, but wants something tanky and inexpensive.. She rips too much, I was thinking inquisitor but this may fit her better in late game
Rakie1337 wrote:
This may be exactly what I was looking for for a friend of mine. She's only into casters, but wants something tanky and inexpensive.. She rips too much, I was thinking inquisitor but this may fit her better in late game

Brands + guardian makes for a very safe playstyle compared to other casters, I'm playing this as a leaguestart in harvest right now and did Sirus 8 deathless a few days ago. As for price I would say its a medium price tag to get started, and skies the limit for upgrading.
Interested to see what this can do with a bit of investment, DPS seems solid.

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