[3.11] New Improved 15M+ dps Flicker! 4Ex Budget Starter✔️ Very Fast Mapper/Boss Killer ✔️ Tanky AF✔️

***Formatting of build under construction, mind the mess***

****07/28/2020 NEW!NEW! BIG changes for defense! Lots more effective life! More boss damage!****

(Awakened Gems, New pathing, Acrobatics, added endurance charge, changed pantheon, gem setup change, ect...)

**Also now using PoB Community Fork!**


Burst: Easy 15M+ & 10M Shaper/Sirus DPS (12/9M without awakened gems)
W/o Vaal skills: 10M+ & 7M Shaper/Sirus DPS (8.5/6M without awakened gems)

Even more if you wanna splurge for exploady chest, bottled faith, Fenumus suffix, Farrul's Fur, crazy jewels ect....



Extremely Cheap! (6ex-8ex Total end game costs)
Super fast Mapper!
Boss Killer!
Tanky! (93% hit Avoid, 30% Spell Dodge, 1k Leech, 24% phys red, Ailment Immunity)
Uber farmer
New player friendly
Don't have to 6 link!
Don't need cluster jewels
Have a crazy pyro sword chat with you while you level!
Fun and unique playstyle!
Yandere Sword Lady
Hentai Tentacle Ring


Can be too fast for some people
Need decent PC
Little control on where your character goes with flickering
Understanding rotation can be difficult



More coming soon to a blockbuster near you!
T13 Map (while i'm slowly looting lol) AT LEVEL 88 (at like 1/4th of the dps it will be at 95):


Hold down flicker, enduring cry, and phase run to kill. If you are killing something tanky use protector and Vaal warchief. You need to frenzy bosses get max frenzy then phase run (it will have over a 10 sec duration), hold flicker and endurance cry until frenzy gets low, then frenzy for like a sec, alternate until phase run runs out and re apply

Gearing Up:

This entire build is made around

How to farm Oni for free:
Make 4 scions, don't leave tutorial area, Kill Hillock, logout, swap characters, keep killing Hillock until Uber Hillock spawns.
This usually takes 6-8 hrs to farm (generally when ur scions are like level 7-8)

(This can also farm multiple Oni for 1ex+, and other uniques like Tabula Rasa!)


(Ignore stats, sockets, and enchants on these linked items!)

Gem Setup:


Put Phase run or Enduring Cry on ur left click for speed! Go in Sand Stance. Use Melee splash in maps for smooth like butter clearing if you don't have the damage to one shot everything!


Body Armour (doesn't need to be linked):




To color your sockets, use this calculator:

Costs and Buying tips:

Weapon: [0 or 1ex] Oni (Free if farmed)

Body: [35c] Loreweave
>78 max res
>Decent life/phys stats pref

Helmet: [1c or 1ex] Starkonja's
w/ Enchantment of 40% Flicker dam or 9% per frenzy (Free if farmed)

Gloves: [1c] Shaper's Touch

Boots: [80c] Pref str/Ev base Rare (can be Harvest crafted)
>no MS req (much cheaper)
>90+ life
>100-130% res

Belt: [1ex] Rare (can be Harvest crafted, Preferably a Stygian Vise)
>90+ life
>40+ ele with attack skills
>70-90% res

Rings: [1ex] Elder/Shaper Combo
  • [60-70c] Mark of the Elder
  • >80%+ increased atack damage
  • [30-50c] Any Shaper Ring
  • >30%+ Global crit chance >29+ Int >60 Life

Amulet: [20c] Marylene's
Annoint: Panopticon (opal verdant inde) [15c]

Flasks: [125c]
  • [3c] Surgeon's Hallowed Hybrid Flask of Staunching
  • [14c] Lion's Roar
  • [1-3c] Diamond Flask of warding
  • [7c] Taste of Hate
  • [3c] Atziri's Promise w/ high physical

Jewels: [1ex 20c] No Clusters Req!
  • [20c] Prismatic w/ 6% life, 44% res
  • [1ex] Rare w/ 3 damage or crit mods & %life


Total Cost: 6ex without farming!

Farmed Cost: 4ex or less w/ Harvest Craft!


Path of Building Community Fork is a 3rd party program for making and looking at builds.
Download it Here:https://github.com/PathOfBuildingCommunity/PathOfBuilding/releases
Once you open it, create a new build.
Click Import/Export Build.
Click Import from pastebin.
Paste a pastebin Url
Click Import.
Click Import again.

(New) End game: https://pastebin.com/rgFfgVH3

Quick reference:

(New) Scion Leech No Reflect Version: https://pastebin.com/5RSU4a0C

(Old) Leech Version: https://pastebin.com/nNwQYuiS


Try to cap all your elemental resistances at 75% whenever you can!

Start out with Frost Blades w/ Ancestral Call, ele with attack, Onslaught, Combustion for SUPER FAST LEVELING till you feel good with flicker.

Get a high physical or fire damage sword.

Get these leech nodes on the bottom of the tree:

Prioritize sword damage, resistances, and life while leveling (ignore jewel sockets and frenzy charges until they're relevant).

Fatal Blade>Vitality Void>Vaal Pact>Thick Skin>Honed edge>Master of the Arena>Survivalist>Revenge of the Hunted>Then all of the nodes at the top of the tree>then all of the rest of the nodes at the bottom of the tree.

Get frenzy nodes once u ascend and Flicker feels good. Get jewel nodes when you have resistance problems. Spirit void if you have having mana problems.

Refund the ones not in tree once u have enough damage to one shot stuff and run smoothly.

Use this sword at level 67 if you don't want to farm Oni or can't afford it yet:


Pantheon: (Major) Get Phys damage reduction per enemy nearby. (Minor) Get reduced fire damage taken while moving when leveling, later swap to Chaos damage when mapping!

Useful Tools:

To farm lab: https://www.poelab.com/

Color fixing sockets: https://siveran.github.io/calc.html

Item filters: http://www.filterblade.xyz/


Harvest setup:


If you don't like thinking while fighting bosses, just swap Flicker for Wild strike! You'll do 2M less dps, but then you don't have to worry about rotation or maintaining buffs.

How do we trigger Her Embrace?
herald of ash on hit fire and high crit chence/attack speed

Why is my PoB damage not like yours?
make sure you have the correct check boxes in config, copy the Oni from my PoB because the edited text on it account for PoB not working with close combat or a warcry debuff, make sure you have the rings, make sure you have the enchantments.

How do we sustain frenzy?
High attack speed paired with the frenzy on hit from flicker, the acendancy, and other frenzy nodes. The frenzy skill gem helps pump of charges on bosses. Use it, phase run for 10+ secs, then flicker. We also have lower cool down on movement skills that makes us flicker more without charges. Common misconception is that you, "need" charges to flicker and that's wrong. Charges just let you cast when It's on CD.

Why do I feel squishy?
You are likely not prioritizing life nodes and life on gear. Make sure you hold endurance warcry down

Why am I running out of mana?
Your mana pool is too small. Opt for enduring hybrid flask instead of surgeon!

How do I use Phase Run?
If you're on a boss or tanky rare, use it in between the hits of ur multistrike. That way the rest of the hits will generate more frenzy to flicker again!

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Awakened Multistrike/WED/Melee Phys gives you a whooping 2.5m DPS :o

Interested in this build. I think I will try it tomorrow. Haven't played Flicker Strike in like 3 years. Looks pretty good.

I wonder how's boss killing with this? A8 Sirus and stuff. :D
Last edited by returnofsnow on Jun 26, 2020, 4:01:57 PM
Any chance for some hints on which nodes to take first while leveling? Go up first, go down first, etc. Thanks and looking forward to trying it out!
seems like a decent build just remember to check the shaper/guardian in config

White monsters 10mil dps
Shaper/guardian 4.7 mil :)
solid dps for the investment

will be trying to build ^^
Awesome tell me what you think ^.^
blind2314 wrote:
Any chance for some hints on which nodes to take first while leveling? Go up first, go down first, etc. Thanks and looking forward to trying it out!

Yeah start going down. You wanna rush Any flat sword damage nodes and leech nodes ASAP. Ignore frenzy and jewel socket nodes until they're relevant. Get life whenever u feel ur taking too much damage :D
returnofsnow wrote:
Awakened Multistrike/WED/Melee Phys gives you a whooping 2.5m DPS :o

Interested in this build. I think I will try it tomorrow. Haven't played Flicker Strike in like 3 years. Looks pretty good.

I wonder how's boss killing with this? A8 Sirus and stuff. :D

It's pretty tanky, but u will still have to dodge sirus attacks of course. TBH the build can very easily get way more than 10 mil dps. I just wanted a cheap easy way to get tanky and atleast 10mil

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