[3.11] New Improved 15M+ dps Flicker! 4Ex Budget Starter✔️ Very Fast Mapper/Boss Killer ✔️ Tanky AF✔️

for leveling i got a Thiefs Torment Ring, and i guess we leech so much that her embrace is no problem atleast in combat.

Edit: The Gloves help alot too.
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Got my oni-goroshi today :D took 7,5h
Do we kill all bandit or do we help alira?im assuming we help alira?
Rivot wrote:
how do you deal with the fire damage from "Her Embrace" ? It`s already annoying during leveling and at 100lv it will be whole life gone in 2 secs. I went through the tree and items in POB and can`t figure it out.

The degen is affected by fire resistance so it ends up being much longer than 2 seconds, and once you start clearing a map and activate Her Embrace you'll be leeching (and the leech won't go away because of the gloves in this build) and the leech out-heals the degen. at least that's been my experience so far, got this build to 87 in the last couple days and it's felt great in maps.
In what order do we take the acendancy?
Mrozovsky wrote:
any tips with ascendancy order?

Get the frenzy node, then onslaught node, then whichever ur preference after that
CaptSid wrote:
Do we kill all bandit or do we help alira?im assuming we help alira?

Kill all
Asneee wrote:
Got my oni-goroshi today :D took 7,5h

Milanfan wrote:
I think the build is lacking resist penetration and that is why damage is bad vs bosses.

There's resist penetration on multiple nodes and from combustion on the totems.
and pantheons?

Get reduced fire damage while moving on, and the reduced damage for multiple enemies

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