[3.11] New Improved 15M+ dps Flicker! 4Ex Budget Starter✔️ Very Fast Mapper/Boss Killer ✔️ Tanky AF✔️

I've been pretty much copying this build in 3.12 and it's been going pretty well for its purpose. Suffers in endgame bossing (swapping melee splash for fortify) but what pure flicker build doesn't really? Also didn't want to self cast punishment so I went with herald of purity instead as this build doesn't have mana problems if you do run the hybrid for no regen maps.


The most expensive pieces are probably the high res belt and assassin mark ring as the +1.5% crit chance is really good for bossing since the power charges won't stay long enough. Removing the Marylene's Fallacy makes res and such much easier to manage, however, it is a pretty significant dps loss even with a well rolled amulet but it might feel better as crits will be more consistent and I wouldn't need to run a resistance jewel/ take a res nodes on tree.
Hiyas, following your guide but got a hard time finding a Shaper ring like yours...

To be honest, I don't believe that there is a Shaper ring with the status as you are showing in the PoB?
any return about this build in 3.12?

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