[3.11] bleed explosive arrow totem league starter build. 2m+ (With basic gear)

After my necromancer ignit explosive arrow build was killed by the 20 arrows nerf, I wanted to try something else with it. The next ailment that would benefit the most of the big hit is bleed.

The problem is that with strong bleed bow it will be hard to get high attack speed to reach 20 arrows without using barrage support which reduces the damage.
also the play style would lock you in place.

So I came up with the idea of using Balliste totems. with 7 of them I would need only 3 hits per totem in the duration of the explosive arrow.

I went with scion to also get easy block with help of necro bone offering but gladiator works as well maybe even Hierophant.

I am currently doing early red maps with it and it is doing good clear and bossing


- Good clear with Rain of Splinters and EA Explosion. also initial hits causes bleed and kills most trash.
- Strong single Target
- Single skill for both clear and single target
- easy and cheap to get started.


- totems play style not for every one
- no pierce can sometimes be annoying but you can use still use split arrow with pierce support for clear.
- no leech so we depend on enduring cry for life sustain and currently flask for mana but you can drop a totem a get leech with ensnaring arrow hits or use mana cost rings for mana sustain.

you can find an expected pob with my start crappy gear
PoB: https://pastebin.com/PtNzJvTq
but with the tree more complete and it seems very promising.

Also leveling with explosive arrow is really great since the skill has it's own damage so I just leveled with the fire route until maps then switched to bleeding.

if anyone has better ideas to how to improve the tree please let me know

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Hi. Thanks for the POB

I will try it anyway, let's see how it goes.
Let me know how it went.

btw I am also currently using chainbreaker from lethal pride to get free rage as totem hits don't make you loose rage.
This way you can get extra attack speed and also use berserk.
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any update? This looks promising and I am definitely into non-meta builds
So far going really well into early red maps T12.
basically drop totems and move.
and fairly tanky with block + enduring cry + berserk
Will give it a try :D
If it's possible, can you post mapping? I know the single target is great but I'm not sure how's the clear? Do you swap GMP or the +2 Proj from Rain of splinters is good?
I never recorded in game video before but I will look into it.
For clear I drop one or 2 totems and move. EA has an Explosion when the target dies or the buff ends. combined with Rain of splinters they clear most packs.

Also the build is flexible and I am sure that I did not fully optimized it yet. you can work around with it. for example you can use split arrow for clear and use EA only for single target (so it just replaces Puncture in normal bleed bow setup).
But generally I believe for the same gear EA will outperform puncture if you can get enough hits on the target.
I made a quick gameplay video
Level 89 so far and it's good till tier 12 maps, need more points for cluster jewel, what can I drop in the tree to get the cluster jewel earlier and improve damage? Or just keep on leveling in tier 12 maps? It's kinda slow exp.
I'm using devoto instead starkonja for more speed and chaos res.

Need some advice
Thanks :)

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