[3.11] CieOnDancer's Bane Occultist build - speed farm t16 maps with 1ex budget!

Lhigtingtopo wrote:
Oh thanks for your answer, Im thinking about rerolling my soulrend ocultist to bane cursebot so i can support my farming party and i was wondering if linking more curses and an empower on a skin of the loyal would improve the dmge enough compared with your settup but im bad at POB

Also i dont know how crit works with dots, my soulred build runs assa mark but i dont know how it scales with dots, do you know something about crit scaling with dots?

If you're going to be a curse bot it's a complete different story! Curse bot usually isn't a "damage dealer" so I think you are free to link your curses with Bane. Remember that curse bot depends more on curses effect than on damage.

Crit has nothing to do with chaos damage or DoT damage, so for playing solo it's pretty useless. If your party members are using melee/crit builds then it would be useful for them.

Anyway if you want to be a curse bot I think you should look for some another build because mine doesn't use many curses and have damage focused skill tree and ascendancies.
Hey nice build man, im using now and is really good. Can you post a "end game" version of this build?

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